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Mammoth rally exhibits Karachiites’ affections to Altaf Hussain

Mammoth rally exhibits Karachiites’ affections to Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/25/2014
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has successfully organised a solidarity rally at Tibet Centre in favour of Quaid-e-Tehreek Mr Altaf Hussain on Sunday.
The rally was a showdown from MQM’s supporters and workers to exhibit their affections and belongingness to Altaf Hussain. It, in fact, created a record in the history of the country, when hundreds of thousands people rallied to the event.
People from all walks of life were present on the occasion to show their solidarity to MQM Chief Mr Altaf Hussain. The mob started to throng Tibet Centre from early morning and participated enthusiastically throughout the day and made the event historically successful.
MQM leaders said the human heads from Teen Hatti Bridge to Tibet Centre showed Karachiites’ unanimous choice of leadership and that is no other but MQM Chief Mr Altaf Hussain. They said today’s rally is a real showdown from MQM supporters and workers to exhibit their benedictions and solidarity to their ultimate leader.
The crowd thronged to the event from all parts of the country especially from Karachi and belonged to the various communal and religious communities. People came earlier in the scorching sun and participated in the entire event with their lively zeal on the day which was, most probably, the hottest day of the session.
The MQM supporters and workers held banners and placards in favour of their leader Mr Altaf Hussain and also chanted slogans in various languages like Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, pashtoo, Saraiki and others. Some of the participants also costumed their party flag in traditional outfits.
Addressing on the occasion, MQM Deputy Convener Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said Haqparast Awam would spare no stone unturned to stop human rights discrimination against Altaf Hussain and would not allow anyone to seize his fundamental rights. He said M.A. Jinnah Road became witness of record that how Karachiites love their only leader Mr Altaf Hussain.
Dr Siddiqui said the gigantic crowd from Teen Hutti Bridge to Tibet Centre, showed people’s intentions and their wishes to stand for their only leader Altaf Hussain. He said this mammoth rally is not to make change not to destroy things like so-called tsunami.
He said people from all walks of life enthusiastically participated in the matchless rally, including religious and social scholars, lawyers, doctors, engineers, senior journalists, and others. He said nearly two million people had registered their affections and annexations for Altaf Hussain, which could not be cut down by any malice intention.
Dr Siddiqui said Quaid-e-Azam’s torch now reached to Mr Altaf Hussain through Liaquat Ali Khan, and he is the leader of the nation. He said their progenitors, in fact, made this country and Mr Hussain would save it from the prejudice of all evils. He said British government should treat its citizens without any bias.
Member of MQM Coordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar said we always rallied against discriminations and bigotries of British colonial reminiscent (Kalay Angrez), but today’s rally is against their master, the white Englishman.
He said MQM Chief is the only leader who guaranteed Pakistan’s strength, and the unseen hands tried to stop Altaf Hussain to consolidate the country and led it to the path of prosperities. He asked questions to the British government that why the ipad, camera and other personal stuffs of Hussain’s daughter afza Altaf, were confiscated in money laundering scandal.
Member of MQM Coordination Committee Haider Abbas Rizvi said all the supporters and workers saluted Altaf Hussain for his unstoppable struggle for the nation. He said it is no other but Altaf Hussain who gave us the recognition as a separate nation in the country and stop the discriminating hands of tyrannical mentality.
He said today’s rally is a showdown of Altaf’s lovers and everybody among us could sacrifice his life for our leader. He said he is the only representative of 95 percent of Pakistani. He appealed to British Prime Minister David Cameron to stop irritating their leader and eased him from unreasonable circumstances.
MQM newly-elected Senator Maulana Tanvirul Haq Thanvi said Allah blesses Altaf Hussain with bull’s eyes to lead the nation to its destination. He said he is all alone fight against the country’s establishment and kept struggling for his people to get them their rightful status.
MQM MNA Nabeel Gabool said Altaf Hussain lived in people’s hearts and it is his bank account. He said the British government unfortunately eying off from palaces in front of Hide Park and 200million dollars but investigating a simple 120 yards house.
Sindh Minister for Youth Faisal Sabzwari said only Altaf Hussain had the real solutions for the problems in Pakistan. He said we just neglected and turned off our eyes from the terrorism and extremism, which now surrounded the entire country and only he could rescue the nation from this cockatrice.
Sindh Minister for Industries Abdul Rauf Siddiqui said the mammoth rally showed people’s affection to Altaf Hussain and proved that the city belonged to him. He requested British Prime Minister David Cameron to spare him from all false allegations.a

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