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Save school owners and marble traders from extortionists: Rabita Committee

Save school owners and marble traders from extortionists: Rabita Committee
 Posted on: 5/21/2014
Now school owners and teachers are receiving extortionist slips
Rabita Committee has strongly condemned reports of harassment of owners of schools and marble traders in SITE, Metro Ville and Manghopir areas.  They are receiving extortion slips demanding money.
In a statement they deplored that extortionists have now turned to schools owners and teachers. Recently, they brutally killed a school principal and his son. “It is deplorable no action was taken against the killers, “they said. 
“Two days ago they killed a marble trader in Manghopir when he refused to pay them extortion money. Traders and schools are receiving extortion slips. People who refuse to pay them are being killed. The situation has forced teachers and school owners along with the traders to stage protest demonstrations, “they said.
“There is a deep anxiety among traders, business owners, school owners, teachers, students and citizens over the prevailing situation, “ they said.
Rabita Committee has demanded that Chief Minister Sindh, DG Rangers, and IG Sindh should take actions against the elements who are involved in extortion.  They expressed solidarity with the traders of marble market and schools owners and teachers and demanded they should be provided protection. 

7/19/2018 2:47:29 AM