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Altaf Hussain felicitates newly-elected Senator Maulana Thanvi

Altaf Hussain congratulates Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haque on becoming MQM’s senator
 Posted on: 5/14/2014
Your presence in the senate would be give us strength
The founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has congratulated Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haque on becoming MQM’s senator unopposed. 
Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haque is a noted scholar and president of MQM’s Muttahida Bain-ul-Muslimeen Forum.
Commenting on his unopposed election Mr. Hussain said, “ Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haque is a scion of a well-known religious family. He is himself a noted scholar and has been serving MQM for a long time, “ Mr. Hussain said.
Mr. Hussain congratulated the newly elected senator and said your presence in the senate would be give us strength. He urged him to represent the movement in brave way and present our case with reasons. 
“I pray for the prosperity and welfare of the country. We want to eliminate corruption and corrupt system from the country. We want to bring in a system where everyone can get justice and there would be rule of law in the country. Judiciary will be independent. A system where people who have plundered national wealth can be prosecuted. A system where powerful people can be prosecuted. We don’t want a system where poor people are punished for small crimes, “ Mr. Hussain said.
Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haque thanked Mr. Hussain and said he got this success because of Mr. Hussain and sacrifices of MQM workers. He assured Mr. Hussain that he would use all his energy for the movement and work for the mission of MQM.  He prayed for Mr. Hussain good health.

7/18/2018 9:11:29 PM