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JSQM condemns the extrajudicial killings of MQM workers

 Posted on: 5/7/2014 1
We cannot bring peace by guns and repression. We want peace in Sindh
A JSQM delegation headed by its Chairman Abdul Wahid Arisar met with MQM’s Rabita Committee members Haider Abbas Rizvi and Ashfaq Manghi. 
JSQM delegation condemned the extrajudicial killings of MQM workers and expressed deep concern over the workers who have become victims of enforced disappearances. They prayed for the MQM’s martyred workers and recovery of abducted workers. 
The two sides discussed the law and order situation of Karachi and the extrajudicial killings done by the law enforcement agencies.  They also discussed the violations and abuses of power by the law enforcement agencies and growing crimes in the city.
MQM’s Rabita Committed members expressed heartfelt gratitude for sharing their grief. They said MQM has struggle for the rights of Sindh. They said that JSQM and MQM has supported each other in difficult times. They added that true leaders of Sindh had always condemned the extrajudicial killings whether they were carried out in urban or rural Sindh. 
JSQM’s Chairman said, “ Sindh has been a peaceful land and people of Sindh are peaceful than western countries. Karachi was a city of lights. It has now become a powder-keg. Our brothers are being killed by people who have come here as job seekers.  Our Country was a police and army state in the past. Now it has become a Rangers State. Rangers might say leaders and rulers of Sindh are inefficient. People who strife for peace are shot. We made efforts to bring peace here. However, enemies of peace live here.  We cannot bring peace by guns and repression. We want peace in Sindh. JSQM shares the grief of MQM.”

7/19/2018 6:00:27 PM