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Protection of Pakistan Ordinance has been enforced in Karachi: Haider Abbas Rizvi

Protection of Pakistan Ordinance has been enforced in Karachi: Haider Abbas Rizvi
 Posted on: 4/15/2014
The journalist community should raise voice over this black law on international level.
MQM hosted a dinner party for International Federation of Journalists, Pakistan Union of Journalists, Karachi Union of Journalists and other organizations at the Khurshid Begum Secretariat Azizabad. A group of journalists from Baluchistan also attended the dinner party.
MQM’s Deputy Convener and In-charge Information Wing Engr Nasir Jamal, members of Rabita Committee, elected representatives from provincial and national assemblies, IFJ’s Adviser Pervez Shaukat, President of PFUJ Rana Azeem, Secretary General Amin Yusuf, President KUJ Jamali, Chairman APNEC Nasir Naqvi and journalists from other parts of Pakistan.
Addressing the dinner party MQM’s Rabita Committee member Haider Abbas Rizvi said that we could not ignore the sacrifices of journalists rendered for the country. Whenever anyone tried to attack the country the journalist community acted as a vanguard of the movement. He talked about the  repression faced by journalists in Baluchistan. He added that the press in Pakistan does not enjoy freedom of expression like other parts of the world.
He also mentioned about the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance and called it a ‘Black Law’. He said that this black law had been enforced in Karachi. He added that state machinery had been used to abduct and execute our innocent workers. He urged to the journalist community to raise voice over this law. Haider Abbas said that rulers should remember that Allah punishes for misdeeds. He deplored that the government was not negotiating with the depraved Baloch people but they were openly negotiating with terrorists who had killed more than 60 thousands innocent Pakistanis. 
Haider Abbas Rizvi demanded that the Prime Minister should review the newly passed Protection of Pakistan Bill and asked him not to get it passed on the basis of his numerical strength in the assembly and impose it on the oppressed people. 
Addressing the dinner party IFJ Advisor Pervez Shaukat said that MQM’s leader had also come in defense of the journalists whenever anyone tried to muzzle press freedom. He said biased and prejudiced journalists have done a negative propaganda against MQM to hurts its image. He expressed good wishes for Mr. Hussain and MQM. 
MQM’s Rabita Committee member welcomed the journalists and assured them the part would support them. He said that Mr. Hussain has always raised voice against the people who had tried to deprive journalists of their rights. 
PFUJ’s General Secretary Amin Yusuf said that Protection of Pakistan Bill was black law and said that journalists would raise voice over this law from Karachi to Kashmore. 
KUJ’s President Ghulam Muhamamd Jamali said that MQM’s people were educated and always gave respect to journalists. 
MQM’s Deputy Convener and in-charge Information Wing presented journalist gifts consisting of books written by Mr. Hussain.

6/19/2018 5:52:24 AM