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Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan visits Nine Zero

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan visits Nine Zero
 Posted on: 8/13/2012
Renowned nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan visited the MQM Head Office Nine Zero and held meeting with the deputy conveners of the Co-ordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar and Senator Mrs Nasreen Jalil. Current political situation in the country with particular reference to Karachi and other issues were discussed during the meeting. The meeting continues in a pleasant environment for over one hour.
Members of the Co-ordination Committee Mr Tariq Mir, Mr Shoaib Bukhari, Mr Kunwar Khalid Yunus, Mr Raza Haroon, Dr Sagheer Ahmed, Mr Kunwar Naveed Jamil, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Mr Babar Khan Ghouri, Mr Haider Abbas Rizvi, provincial Minister Mr Rauf Siddiqui, and MNA Dr Abdul Qadir Khanzada were also present on the occasion.
Dr AQ Khan said that Mr Hussain had been raising his voice on a number of issues facing the country including the situation in Karachi but the government cared little for what he said.
Speaking on the occasion Dr Sattar said the mandate of Karachi was with the MQM and the MQM would continue to play its due role regarding peace in the city. Earlier when Dr AQ Khan arrived at Nine Zero, he was warmly welcomed by the deputy conveners and members of the Co-ordination Committee.

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