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Pakistan can have a bright future if nepotism, corruption, and bribery are eliminated: Altaf Hussain

Pakistan can have a bright future if nepotism, corruption, and bribery are eliminated: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/26/2012
Government departments are in a state of decline because the merit system has ceased to exist
Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that Pakistan can progress and become a country having a bright future if nepotism, dishonesty, corruption, loot, bribery and cheating are eliminated. He said this while talking to Mr Mustafa Azizabadi and Mr Muhammad Ashfaq, in-charge and joint in-charge respectively of the International Secretariat of the MQM in London.
Mr Hussain congratulated Mr Azizabadi and Mr Ashfaq on their new responsibilities and advised them to take decisions purely on merit and not on nepotism, friendship, and personal likes and dislikes. He asked them to follow the party discipline and principles.
Mr Hussain regretted that the system of merit had ceased to exist in Pakistan and appointments in government departments were being done on the basis of nepotism and personal likes and dislikes. It was because of this that all government institutions and departments were in a state of decline.
Mr Hussain asserted that the future of the country could brighten only if the malaises of nepotism, corruption, cheating and loot were eliminated and judiciary was made independent and kept away from personal likes and dislikes. 
Mr Hussain said that it was equally necessary for the future of the country that the decisions of the parliament were motivated by general public welfare instead of protecting the interests of the majority part in the parliament. The majority party should keep the national interest above the party interest and it should work for the betterment of the people of Pakistan. 
Mr Husain advised the office-bearers of the International Secretariat the MQM to convey to the Co-ordination Committee, elected representatives and elected representatives of the MQM to create awareness among the masses as to how the country could make advancement.
Mr Hussain said that it was because of truthfulness and honesty that the message of the MQM was spreading throughout the country. People have come to know that the party tickets at the time of elections are given in the MQM purely on merit. The Co-ordination Committee the final decision after interviewing the names recommended by units and sectors. Family relations are never considered while awarding party tickets.

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