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The army chief and Prime Minister will have to get on the same page if they want to rid the country of the scourge of terrorism: Altaf Hussain

The army chief and Prime Minister will have to get on the same page if they want to rid the country of the scourge of terrorism: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 2/25/2014

If the army chief and prime minister fail to reach a consensus on terrorism then the army should take over to establish writ of the state
The founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has
said that the army chief and prime will have to get on the same page if they want to rid the country of the scourge of terrorism and for the national security.

“If the army chief and prime minister fail to reach a consensus on terrorism then the army should take over to establish writ of the state within its territory and rid the terrorism from the country. I don’t approve of dictatorship. I am not inviting the army to take over. Considering the security threats faced by the country we have to decide whether we want to save country or democracy. Can we establish democracy without a country? , “ Mr. Hussain said.

“The growing unrest, terrorism and massacres is because of Taliban and our wrong policies in the past. Pakistan cannot go along with Taliban. In the same way feudalism is not good for Pakistan, “ Mr. Hussain expressed these views in an interview on Samaa TV.

“Qaid-e-Azam made Pakistan. He never said that Pakistan would be a theocratic state. He had made it clear that state will not interfere in the matters of religion and all Pakistanis would be free to practice their religions.Pakistan’s constitution has been made in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Prominent scholars had signed the constitution. The constitution clearly says that no one will be allowed to impose his ideology on the people. It is against the teachings of Allah and the Prophet (SAW), “ Mr. Hussain said.

For you is your religion, and for me is my religion, says the Quran. The Quran has made it clear we cannot force anyone to follow our religion. The Prophet (SAW) and his pious companions have stressed us to respect the places of worship of non-Muslims and they should be not destroyed. They will also try to destroy our mosques in retaliation if we try to destroy their places of worship, “ Mr. Hussain said.

In response to a question about the America’s war Mr. Hussain said, “ It is said that American has imposed this war on us. It is wrong to say that. No one can impose anything on a person. Our rulers in the past allowed America to impose its war on us because they offered them dollars. Acts of terrorism by Taliban, massacres and unrest in the country is because of the wrong policies of our leaders in the past.”

Mr. Hussain warned the security and integrity of Pakistan will be threatened if Taliban Sharia or their version of Islam was imposes on us. He added that if the civilian government did not take bold steps to tackle terrorism then it would embolden Taliban terrorists.

“Taliban have been blowing up mosques, imam bargahs, schools, shrines and bazaars and carrying out suicide attacks. They are beating girls with lashes. It is un-Islamic to support Taliban beasts. It is strange that Taliban’s brutal acts does not stir up the blood of the other leaders. How would our rulers react and feel if Taliban beat their daughters with lashes and slaughter their loved ones, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“Our soldiers who were killed by Taliban were defenders of our land. They used to help the nation during naturaldisasters too, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“We have formed groups for fighting proxy wars for us. We have created them with the intention that they would help control Afghanistan if Taliban’s government is formed there  after America’s departure. We forget to take into consideration that these groups often turn into monsters. Pakistan Army should not make such groups if it wants to save Pakistan. If they do form groups for proxy wars then countries like China, India, Iran and other countries can form groups which can be used against us, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“MQMis the only party in Pakistan which has emerged from the poor and middle class. Unfortunately, most of journalists, anchor persons and columnists have always propagated against this party consisting of people from people and middle and supported land owners and capitalists. They have always portrayed MQM as an enemy of Pakistan, army, Sindhis, Baluchs and Pakhtoons and planted seeds of hatred for MQM. However, time has proved that sons of founders of Pakistan are sot against Pakistan. They have only raised voice for their rights. At this difficult they have challenged Taliban and extended support to the army, “ Mr. Hussain said.

Mr. Hussain said Pakistan and Taliban could not go along with each other. He added that like Taliban feudal lords could not go along with Pakistan. He said that people were born silver spoons in their mouths could not solve the problems of poor people.

“People who have travelled in buses and experienced hunger can solve the problem of poor people. People will have to bring leaders from the poor and middle class like MQM which has sent people from the poor and middle class to assemblies. Their problems will not be solved if they kept on sending feudal lords and waderas in assemblies, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“MQM is the only party which is not controlled by a family. When Benezir took power all her relatives controlled the government. We see the same thing in ANP. It is also controlled by a family. No member of Altaf Hussain is senator, MPA and MNA. Altaf Hussain does not do anything for his family. Altaf Hussain wants rule of justice in the country. He wants a system in which poor can get their rights too. Everyone can justice, “  Mr. Hussain said.

In response to question regarding his return to Pakistan Mr. Hussain said, “ I want to return to my country. However, people are of the opinion that I should not come to Pakistan because situation in Pakistan is not good. I am longing to return to Pakistan. No one wants to remain away from his people.”

“I hope misunderstanding between me and the army will have been cleared now. The situation might have improved, “ Mr. Hussain hoped.

“I had made a philosophical comment about the partition of India. It is a blunder because it divided the power of Muslims of India into three parts. Muslims would have been a powerful political force in united India, “ Mr. Hussain deplored that people distorted his statement and presented me an anti-Pakistan leader.

“People who dismembered Pakistan kept me away from the people of Punjab. I need the support of Punjab’s young people. I can change the system of government in Pakistan if I got their support, “ Mr. Hussain appealed.

“ I appeal to students and young people of Punjab to try me as brother. I live and die for Pakistan. No power has been able to subjugate me yet. I want to see a strong and stable Pakistan, “ Mr. Hussain said.

“Dialogue is necessary to end conflicts. However, warring parties should accept the writ of the state. Taliban terrorists will have to surrender arms and accept the constitution of Pakistan. They must offer start negotiations without any conditions. If they cannot do this then we must know negotiate with them, Mr. Hussain said.

6/21/2018 5:33:23 AM