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It is time to act against terrorist: MQM’s Deputy Convener Dr. Khalid Maqbool

It is time to act against terrorist: MQM’s Deputy Convener Dr. Khalid Maqbool
 Posted on: 2/23/2014
We have to take a decisive step towards a peaceful Pakistan. Taliban supporters are forces of darkness
MQM’s Deputy Convener has said that it is time to act against terrorists. He added that we have to take a decisive step towards a peaceful Pakistan. 
“We believe in love and peace. We follow the path of the Prophet (SAW) and we don’t fear people who are blowing up things. We will fight along with our armed forces if they need our help. Taliban supporters are forces of darkness, “ Dr. Khalid expressed these views at solidarity rally which was taken out to show support to the armed forces, police and rangers. Thousands of people attended this rally. Besides MQM’s leader Mr. Hussain, scholars and members of People’s Party, PML(N), APML and religious leaders of different religious community.
“I salute to all people who have decided to take on terrorists. As always, Mr. Hussain has taken the first step for the security and integrity of Pakistan. We will stand shoulder to should with Mr. Hussain. We will achieve our goals under the leadership of Mr. Hussain. The people of this city has taken a decision and the country and world should know what have they decided, “ Dr. Khalid said.
“ Pakistan is passing through a difficult time. We have choose between peace and barbarism. We have to decide whether we want Pakistan as envisioned by its founder or by Taliban. Do we want schools, colleges or universities and girls like Malala or destruction of our schools and colleges? We have remember the headless bodies of our defenders. People who have gathered here in large numbers are supporters of Pakistan. Those who have not supported this solidarity rally are supporters of Taliban. These terrorists have given a bad name to Islam by carrying bloodbaths in the name of Islam. Qaid-e-Tehreek has taken the first step for the protection of Islam in Pakistan, “ Dr. Khalid Maqbool said.
“People have gathered in the rally in large numbers, which indicates it is not a gathering of few emotional people. People have shown their overwhelming support to MQM’s call. This rally is an attempt to shake the conscience of people of Pakistan. Mr. Hussain has always done this. Mr. Hussain has always taken out rallies in support of extremism and terrorists. Now MQM has shown it is the only party which can take tough stance against terrorism in the country, “ Mr. Faisal Sabswari said.

6/21/2018 5:46:41 AM