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MQM Punjab protests over enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of its workers

 Posted on: 2/18/2014
It is deplorable that the courts have not taken notice of these killings. 
MQM’s Upper Punjab Committee staged protest demonstration at the Islamabad Press Club about the extrajudicial killings of its workers. Mian Atique, a member of Rabita Committee condemned  these killings in the strongest possible terms.
Addressing the participants of the protest demonstration Mian Atique said, “ For the last four months MQM’s workers have been killed extra judicially. It is deplorable that the courts have not taken notice of these killings. Law enforcement agencies people in plain clothes pick them up,torture them brutally and kill them in cold blood. The case of MQM’s missing persons are pending in the court for a year. MQM say that arrested persons should be produced and extrajudicial killings should be stopped. Law enforcement agencies should respect citizens basic rights. “
“Execution of MQM workers after inhume torture is beyond description. These killings are highly condemnable, “ Rabita Committee member Aslam Afridi said.
Mian Atique made an appeal to Prime Minister, Federal Interior Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of these extrajudicial killings seriously and provide justice to the families of persons who have been executed this way.

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