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MQM MPAs voice concern over extortion calls to doctors & traders from abroad

MQM MPAs voice concern over extortion calls to doctors & traders from abroad
 Posted on: 2/13/2014
Members of Sindh Assembly belonging to Muttahida Qaumi Movement have voiced their serious concern over reports of extorting money from the city’s doctors, traders and industrialists by bhatta mafia from abroad through e-mails, Easy-Paisa, Mobicash and Omni Paisa transfer service.
Describing such incidents as `incompetency’ on the part of government and its organizations, they said that it was the responsibility of the government to take immediate against the bhatta mafia, besides providing protection to lives and properties of doctors and citizens.   
In a joint statement issued on Thursday, the Haq Parast MPAs of Sindh Assembly said that `doctors were being compelled by bhatta mafia from abroad to pay extortion money through e-mails, telephone and SMS and in case extortion demands were ignored, they were not only threatened of dire consequences but their target killings were carried out through the agents of the mafia present in the city.
Accusing the government of not fulfilling its responsibility of protecting lives and properties of the citizens, they regretted that the government, on the one hand, had been arresting MQM workers and subjecting them to severe torture that had already resulted in the extra-judicial killings of its more than 10 workers while, on the other, bhatta mafia and terrorists under the official patronage were freely indulging in extortion and in case of non-payment, they did not even hesitate to take lives and cause monetary losses.
They said that although it was expected from Rangers, police and other law-enforcement agencies that they would apprehend the bhatta mafia and disband their network, the law-enforcers and administration had been extorting billons of rupees from innocent citizens.
The Haq Parast legislators demanded of Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Sindh Chief Minister and Governor to take immediate notice of extortion by bhatta mafia from abroad and protect lives and properties of doctors and other citizens.

7/19/2018 8:36:35 AM