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Security and integrity of Pakistan is under threat: Altaf Hussain

Security and integrity of Pakistan is under threat: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/19/2012
Round Table Conference should be convened for taking concrete decisions Lecture in the International Secretariat, London
Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the security, sovereignty and integrity of the country is under threat. He said that it is highly regrettable that instead of thinking about the survival of the country, the politicians were busy in power politics and not thinking about the country. He said this while giving a lecture in the International Secretariat of the MQM in London.
Mr Hussain spoke at length about the effects of the geopolitical situation of Pakistan on its national security, the looming threats on the borders, relations with the neighboring countries and the internal and external challenges being faced by the country. Members of the Co-ordination Committee, elected representatives and members of the International Secretariat of the MQM were present on the occasion. He also answered the questions asked by the participants.
Mr Hussain said that Pakistan carried significant importance in the south Asian region during the era of cold war between the United States and the USSR. This was because India and China were considered big powers in region and they were inclined towards the Soviet Russia. Likewise Afghanistan was also friendly towards Russia and tilted towards India. Iran was being ruled by the Emperor who had a leaning towards United States. At that time, the policy-making institutions of Pakistan decided to support the United States and Pakistan emerged as a big allied country of the United States in the region.
In the ensuing cold war between Russia and United States our policy-making institutions largely concentrated on defeating Russia for pleasing the United States in return for dollars instead of taking decisions having far-reaching consequences for the country. They acted in a manner as if it was a war between Pakistan and Russian. They formed militant organizations and trained and supported them.
The consequences of the horrible decisions taken by former rulers, senior bureaucrats, army and other policy-making institutions are affecting Pakistan even today. The militant organizations formed during that time have turned into Frankenstein monsters and have turned against our own army officers and men.
Mr Hussain said that the US Congress and Senate has recently declared a militant organization as a terrorist organization and has demanded action against it from Pakistan. He said that Pakistan could also be declared a terrorist country if any leader of this militant organization is found involved in any negative activity outside Pakistan. This would not be a good omen for Pakistan if it comes true.
Mr Hussain regretted that the Pakistani politicians, intellectuals, anchor persons and columnist were not informing the public the real facts about the critical condition facing the country. Politicians aspiring to become president, prime minister or chief minister would never speak with such courage about the national security and integrity.
Mr Hussain said that it has been published in all the international newspapers and magazines that a number of US fleets that are equipped with latest missiles and batteries have reached near the Pakistani waters in the Arabian Sea but no one paid any attention. Citing defence analyses published in international magazines Mr Hussain said that in future war in the region would start from Afghanistan. Afghanistan, where the NATO forces are already present, would attack Pakistan.
Mr Hussain said that it is necessary to strengthen the country from within in order to save Pakistan and meeting the future challenge. He called for ending the confrontation between government, judiciary, defence institutions and the opposition. He said that a round table conference should be convened in which all the stakeholders including military leadership, religious and political leaders and intellectuals should be invited and concrete decisions should be taken in view of the prevailing circumstances.
Mr Hussain said that Pakistan is facing internal threats besides external aggression. The economy of the country is critical and the country is being run by printing currency. The law and order situation of the country is also precarious. There is the load-shedding of electricity and natural gas that has made the life of common people miserable. There is unemployment and poverty. He said that in the prevailing circumstances it is highly inappropriate on the part of politicians to pull each other’s legs.
Mr Hussain said that the present situation of the country is a point to ponder for every Pakistani for rising above party affiliations and thinking about the security, integrity and betterment of the country.
Answering the questions of the participants Mr Hussain said that Pakistan should establish friendly relations with all the neighbouring countries including India. He said that India should also play a positive role for bringing peace in the region.
Speaking about Balochistan he said that the rights of the Baloch people would have to be given for solving the Balochistan question. He said that if the security of the country could be guaranteed by accepting their tough conditions, it should be done.
Mr Hussain said that sectarianism is making a dent in our unity and it is the main cause of unrest. A nation that is divided in sects cannot stand against any enemy hence the Pakistani nation should exhibit unity instead of getting divided in sects.
Mr Hussain advised the MQM leaders, elected representatives and office-bearers to create awareness among Pakistani people and inform them about the difficult circumstances facing the country. He prayed Almighty Allah to bring Pakistan out of internal and external threats and crises. Samaa News | Geo News

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