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MQM Social Forum organizes a programme in memory of Mehdi Hassan

MQM Social Forum organizes a programme in memory of Mehdi Hassan
 Posted on: 7/15/2012

A programme was held in memory of Mehdi Hassan, famous ghazal singer of the subcontinent, by the social forum of the MQM on 14thJuly 2012 in City Auditorium in Federal B Area, Karachi. Noted television and state artists including Omar Sharif, Munawwer Saeed, Sangeeta, Sana, Anwer Iqbal, Muhammad Ali Shehki, and Hassan Jahangir paid tribute to the celebrated ghazal singer and expressed their views on his life.

Speaking on the occasion Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee of the MQM Dr Farooq Sattar said that Mehdi Hassan was a legend in ghazal singing. He said that a Mehdi Hassan Academy should be formed in order to produce many more like him. He also called for starting an award in honour of the deceased artist.

Dr Sattar said that MQM leader Mr Altaf Hussain was particularly concerned about the welfare of artists. He said that Mr Hussain is a great admirer of Mehdi Hassan and listens to his unmatched singing occasionally.

Dr Sattar said that Mehdi Hassan started his life by working on a cycle shop but he continued his singing despite odd circumstances. He said that Pakistan also needed self-made men like Mehdi Hassan who would make Pakistan.

Other speakers who spoke on the occasion included Muhammad Fatima Surayya Bajya, Ali Shehki, Saleem Jawed, Faisal Qazi, Tariq Mehdi and H Iqbal.

Members of the Co-ordination Committee Kunwar Khalid Yunus, Wasay Jalil, Ashfaq Mangi, MQM ministers, members of assemblies and office-bearers of the social forum of the MQM were also present on the occasion.

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