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Molana Tanvir-ul-Haq Thanvi Calls on MQM Leader Altaf Hussain

Molana Tanvir-ul-Haq Thanvi Calls on MQM Leader Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 1/23/2014


Altaf Hussain Praises Molana Thanvi’s Efforts to Promote Religious Harmony 
Scholars of all Religious Denominations Respect Altaf Hussain – Molana Thanvi
Mr Altaf Hussain was the First Leader to Raise Concerns about Talibanization – Molana Thanvi

Molana Tanvir-ul-Haq Thanvi, president of Ittehad Ban-ul-Muslameen and renowned Islamic scholar, called on MQM leader Mr Altaf Hussain Wednesday night at MQM International Secretariat in London and discussed with him current political and security condition in Pakistan. Mr Hussain richly praised Molana Thanvi’s services to promote inter-faith and inter-sect harmony in Pakistan.


“The courage you and other religious scholars are demonstrating from the platform of Ittehad Ban-ul-Muslameen to end sectarianism and to raise awareness among masses against religious extremists’ own brand of shariah is laudable. I salute you and your fellow religious scholars for your efforts to promote awareness among people of Pakistan against religious extremism through mass rallies, conferences, and seminars. I pray to Almighty Allah to richly reward you for your efforts and increase the number of righteous scholars like you so that no one could be able to impose their views on others”, MQM leader prayed.

Talking to MQM leader, Molana Thanvi said that all righteous religious scholars unequivocally admit that you were the first political leader in Pakistan who raised his voice against Talibanization and warned the nation of its perils. You have never ceased to raise your voice against religious extremism and this is why religious scholars of all denominations greatly respect you.

Molana Thanvi also presented Mr Altaf Hussain a collection of sermons and speeches of his father, Molana Ethesham-ul-Haq Thanvi. 

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