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I am acting as a true Pakistani on the call of my conscience about Gen Pervez Musharraf: Altaf Hussain

I am acting as a true Pakistani on the call of my conscience about Gen Pervez Musharraf: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 1/13/2014
Telephonic conversation with Ahmed Raza Qasuri
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that he had taken a principled stand to uphold the Constitution and the law on the issue of General Pervez Musharraf according to his conscience and like a true and patriotic Pakistani. He said this while talking to Gen Musharraf’s lawyer and the All Pakistan Muslim League leader Ahmed Raza Qasuri on telephone. 
Mr Qasuri telephoned Mr Hussain and thanked him for openly supporting Gen Musharraf. He expressed thanks on behalf of the former president and the APML and added that the support given by Mr Hussain in difficult times was a source of encouragement. He also thanked on the arrival of a large number of MQM members in the hospital for inquiring about the health of Gen Musharraf.
Mr Hussain said that he had not shown favour to anyone. “I am only acting as a true Pakistani and discharging my responsibilities according to the call of my conscience.”
Speaking about the treason case against Gen Musharraf, Mr Hussain said, “If Gen Musharraf is a traitor then all those who took oath on hands, whether former prime ministers, federal ministers, chief justices and judges, are likewise guilty of high treason and they should also be tried like Gen Musharraf.”
Mr Qasuri agreed with Mr Hussain and said it was unfortunate that someone who had served in the army for many years, commanded the Pakistan Army, and served as the President of Pakistan, was being called a traitor. “If he is a traitor, who can be called a patriot? Who would defend the country if the commander of the Army would be called a traitor?”
Mr Qasuri said that Gen Musharraf was not being tried under Article 6 for actions taken on 12th October 1999, because it would also affect the people had aided, abetted and collaborated Gen Musharraf, and the judges who took oath under the PCO. 
Mr Qasuri said that Mr Hussain had raised apposite points regarding the trial of Gen Musharraf. He expressed his best wishes for Mr Hussain.

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