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Sharjeel Memon’s false and fabricated allegation has hurt me: Muhammad Anwar

Sharjeel Memon’s false and fabricated allegation has hurt me: Muhammad Anwar
 Posted on: 1/4/2014 1
MQM’s Rabita Committee member Muhammad Anwar has said that allegation hurled against him by Sindh’s Information Minister was false and fabricated.  He added that this allegation had hurt him badly and he demanded an apology from Sharjeel Memon.
In a statement Muhammad Anwar said, “ Sharjeel Memon’s allegation is contrary to the facts. I am not an Indian citizen. I have never been . I was born in East Pakistan. I came to Britain to study as a Pakistani. I did not surrender my nationality after the fall of Dhaka. I have kept the nationality of Pakistan and Britain too. “
“My parents took part in Pakistan Movement actively. They migrated to East Pakistan after partition. My father Muhammad Mughni Ansari established a business with hard work. My family supported Pakistan and Pak army in 1971. My father supported the Pak Army in difficult times. It was my father who supplied food items to Pakistan Army when all the companies refused to supply them . He supplied them food items till the fall of Dhaka. That’s why my father could not migrate to West Pakistan because of work. Later, my father Mughni Ansari was arrested and labeled as war collaborator and Bangladesh punished him with imprisonment. My father completed his prison term and refused to live in Bangladesh and sold his properties and business and migrated to West Pakistan. My father was awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for his services for the Pak Army.  I have shared these things with you because they say. I am an Indian citizen or agent. I condemn the false accusation of Sharjeel Memon and demand that he retract his statement. Otherwise, he will have to appear in the court of law to prove his allegation, “ Muhammad Anwar said.

5/22/2018 9:54:46 PM