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Meeting between President Asif Zardari and MQM leader Altaf Hussain in London

Meeting between President Asif Zardari and MQM leader Altaf Hussain in London
 Posted on: 6/29/2012

Continuation of democratic system is necessary for meeting challenges facing the country: Altaf Hussain, President Asif Zardari
A meeting was held between President Asif Ali Zardari and MQM founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain in a local hotel in London on Friday evening. Detailed discussions were held between the two leaders on the overall political and economic situation of the country and other issues of mutual interests. The meeting continued for over one and a half hour.

It was recognized during the meeting that the country was facing innumerable problems and it was necessary to strengthen the democracy for solving the problems being faced by the people and for bringing progress and prosperity in the country. The democratic system must continue, and mutual understanding and dignity towards each other should be promoted instead of resorting to confrontation.The two leaders agreed on consolidating the alliance between the MQM and the PPP for stabilizing democracy by increasing mutual co-operation. They also agreed on removing urban-rural divide and said that brotherly relations would be promoted between the permanent inhabitants of Sindh. It was also agreed during the meeting to accelerate efforts to lift the embargo on the overseas Pakistanis from contesting general elections in the country.

They also condemned the terrorism against Hazara community in Balochistan and expressed sympathies to the victims and their families. Mr Hussain stressed upon the need for further effective action for controlling the load-shedding.Mr Hussain also informed the president about the grave concerns of the business community in Karachi on the terrorism of the extortion mafia. President Zardari assured Mr Hussain that the government will take more effective actions in order to control the load-shedding and relieving the energy crisis in the country. President Zardari declared that forceful actions would be taken for restoring law and order situation and for providing security to the life and property of people.  President Zardari thanked Mr Hussain for the support given by the MQM in the recent election for the office of the prime minister. He also appreciated the efforts being made by Mr Hussain for strengthening democracy in the country.Federal Advisor on Interior Affairs Mr Rehman Malik, Pakistani High Commissioner in UK Mr Wajid Shamsul Hassan, and members of the MQM’s Co-ordination Committee Mr Muhammad Anwer, Mr Tariq Mir, Mr Anis Ahmed Advocate and Mr Mustafa Azizabadi were also present in the meeting.Urdu News

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