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Altaf Hussain Welcomes the Sindh High Court judgment Over SLGO ACT 2013

Altaf Hussain Welcomes the Sindh High Court judgment Over SLGO ACT 2013
 Posted on: 12/30/2013
MQM Founder Leader Mr Altaf Hussain has welcomed the Sindh High Court judgment with reference to the Sindh Local Government Act 2013 on the MQM petition.  In his statement Mr Hussain termed the court judgment as historic and the victory of righteous people if Sindh province, democracy, constitution and justice. We are thankful to the Allah Almighty, bow down before Him and pray for His blessings upon us and for the alleviation of the sufferings of the people. Mr Hussain requested the people to offer prayers of gratitude on the historic success. He reminded the MQM office bearers, righteous representatives and workers to pledge their efforts to serve the people with commitment and dedication. Mr Hussain said that certain elements do not want to hold the local government elections at any cost. He appealed to the Sindh High Court and the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure that local government elections are held on time in Sindh in a transparent and peaceful manner. He reminded that the Sindh in general and its cities in particular have become garbage dumps, development works are halted, clean drinking water, cleanliness and traffic system is in chaos, therefore, the restoration of elected local government is the need of time.
5/22/2018 1:01:25 AM