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Sindh’s people has rejected the Black Law and protesting against this law under the banner of MQM: Ashfaq Manghi

Sindh’s people has rejected the Black Law and protesting against this law under the banner of MQM: Ashfaq Manghi
 Posted on: 12/25/2013
MQM’s Muzafati Committee held a protest demonstration in front of Malir Press Club against the “Sindh Local Governmetn Act”.  Young men, elders, women belonging to different ethnicity participated in large numbers in the protest demonstration.
MQM’s Deputy Parliamentary Leader Khawaja Izhar-ul-Haque, Member Provincial Assembly Heer Soho, In-charge Karachi Muzafati Committee Aslam Baloch and MQM’s Bin Qaseem’s Sector in-charge Nousahad Qaim Khaikhani addressed the participants.
Participants were carrying placards and banners which were inscribed with slogans against the Sindh Government and Local Government Act 2013 – ‘Stop anti-Karachi policies’, ‘delimitation on the basis rural and urban areas is bullying’, ‘Attempt to grab urban mandate is not acceptable’, ‘present delimitation will generate sense of deprivation’, illegal delimitation reveals the bad intention of Sindh Government and other slogans against the Local Government Act 2013.
Participants chanted slogans against the Sindh Government Local Act – ‘Black Law now acceptable, Jiya Altaf Nara ye Altaf’ and ‘Naraye Muttahida’
“Sindh Government and People’s Party will divide rural and urban Sindh by this Black law. Why are nationalist parties silent?  People’s Party is not willing to own Karachi and Hyderabad. They are making preposterous claim to bring their mayors, “ MQM’s Ashfaq Manghi said these while addressing the participants. 
Ashfaq Manghi said that Sindh’s people has rejected the Black Law and protesting against this law under the banner of MQM. He added that history and people of Sindh would not forgive those who would betray the people of Sindh.  He said that they would serve people from Karachi to Kashmor under the leadership of Mr. Hussain. He added that MQM would not allow Karachi to be separated from Sindh. 
He warned People’s party to come to their senses. He added that PPP was trying to fool the people with the passage of this ordinance.  He said MQM had rejected Sindh Government Local Government Act 2013. 
“People’s party does not want to conduct free and fair local government elections. They are trying to compel MQM to boycott the elections. PPP is making mistake. MQM will never boycott elections. MQM will win seats from rural areas too, “ Mr. Manghi said. 
“Our friends who are rulers of the province say that we are protesting against the act without any grounds. MQM supported PPP like brothers in the last term because it believed in reconciliation. If PPP tried to use strong-arms-tactics to win elections then we would oppose it fiercely. MQM as well as other parties refuse their drama. It would be injustice with the province and people of Sindh if PPP uses Election Commissions money on this farce elections, “  MQM’s Deputy Parliamentary leader in the Sindh Assembly said.
“We will not accept PPP’s dramas. Drama in Karachi in the name of Operation against criminals. Illegal delimitation of constituencies. We will not succumb to such repressive measures and would not allow anyone to repress sons of this city and province in name of restoration of peace, “ Khawaja Izhar said.
MQM’s Heer Soho said that all the parties including Muslim League  Functional had rejected the Local Government Act. She added that the beauty of democracy lies in Local Governments. She deplored that the Sindh Government was carrying out delimitation of constituencies in other parts of Sindh too besides Karachi.  She said that Sindh government had announced they would announce results of the elections after three days. She added it indicated they intended to select candidates by their illegal action. She said MQM would win elections despite their conspiracies and illegal acts. 
Karachi Muzafatti Committee’s in-charge Aslam Baloch said in his address that we were protesting against the Sindh Local Bodies law because the rulers have made amendments in the law to suite their interested. He added that they had destroyed the face of democracy by their actions. 
Joint in-charge Karachi Muzafatti Committee said that amendments in the Local Government had been done to grab urban areas of Sindh. He added that we would not allow them to do this.

7/21/2018 6:40:52 AM