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Democracy should be allowed to function and all state institutions must work within their framework: Altaf Hussain

Democracy should be allowed to function and all state institutions must work within their framework: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 6/25/2012

Estranged elements in Balochistan must be engaged in dialogues instead of being crushed by brute force

Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that all state institutions, including the armed forces, the judiciary and the parliament must work within their framework, and they must not overstep their authorities. Democracy should be allowed to continue in the country. He said this while welcoming the newly elected prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf at Nine Zero.

The prime minister was accompanied by Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Advisor on Interior Affairs Rehman Malik. Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar along with other members, MNAs, MPAs, office-bearers and workers of different wings of the MQM, including women were present on the occasion.

Mr Hussain said that Prime Minister Ashraf belonged to the middle class, and it was for the first time that someone from middle class had attained this position in the country. He hoped that his inauguration as the prime minister would augur well for the country and for the people.

Mr Hussain praised President Asif Zardari for his courage and unwavering resolve. He showed patience on the disqualification of Mr Yousuf Raza Gilani, removal of Mr Hussain Haqqani as ambassador to the US, and disqualification of Ms Farah Naz Ispahani, and Rehman Malik from their seats in the parliaments. He said that he had also shown patience on all this.

Mr Hussain asked the opposition parties to wait for the elections and let the democracy function in the country. He said that gradually the public would play a positive role in electing good and sincere representatives. They would purge looters and plunderers and support honest people in elections, but this would be possible only if the democracy was given a chance to work.

Drawing attention towards the presence of the US fleet in the Pakistani limits Mr Hussain asked everyone to take heed. It was time for unity and solidarity instead of fighting with each other.

Mr Hussain said that it was the democratic right of the opposition to make protests but confrontation must be avoided at all cost. He said that the business community, working-class people and the general public were sorely disturbed by the energy crisis in the country. They also have a right to protest, but they must desist from destroying the public property. 

Mr Hussain asked the Prime Minister Ashraf to take urgent steps for relieving the worsening energy crisis and load-shedding in the country. He asked the prime minister to take bold decisions on the strength of his past experiences so that people may praise him instead of showing reservations about him.

Referring to the embargo placed on the holders of dual national from taking part in the elections, Mr Hussain asked the prime minister to introduce a bill in this regard in the parliament. He said that the holders of the dual nationalities were playing the role of the backbone in the economy of the country. If the backbone was damaged, the entire body would become paralyzed.

Speaking about the situation in Balochistan, Mr Hussain said that the Balochistan situation called for immediate attention and serious actions. He said that instead of crushing the Baloch people who were demanding their rights by brute force, they should be engaged in dialogues.

Referring to the steep rise in demand of extortion money in Karachi Mr Hussain asked the prime minister to take effective steps for curbing this menace and for providing security to the business persons.

Mr Hussain drew the attention of the prime minister on the gross injustices being done to the helpless women in Pakistan. He said that barbaric customs of karo-kari, honour-killing, throwing of acid on women must be stopped. He said that legislation should be done to give protection to the women and exemplary punishment should be given to those who subject women to various types of atrocities.

Earlier talking to the Prime Minister on the telephone in Nine Zero Mr Hussain assured full support to Prime Minister Ashraf. He said that it was a matter of great joy that a middle-class person had become the prime minister of Pakistan. He added that the country needed such leadership from the poor and middle classes.

Mr Hussain said that he was the son of the Sindh, and he did not want the division of Sindh. 

Prime Minister Ashraf thanked Mr Hussain for a warm and memorable welcome at Nine Zero. He said that he belonged to the middle class and had reach to the office of the prime minister by working hard from very lower level. He assured that the leaders of the two parties would work for the solution of the problems facing the country by mutual discussions.
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