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Sindh Local Government (Amendment) Act is contrary to the constitution: Faisal Sabzwari

Sindh Local Government (Amendment) Act  is contrary to the constitution: Faisal Sabzwari
 Posted on: 12/21/2013
Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Faisal Sabzwari has termed the Sindh Local Government (Amendment ) Act contrary to the constitution. He added that Local Government Elections held under this act would be illegal. 
Mr. Sabzwari said that Sindh Government had started delimitation of constituencies to get more votes than MQM from the areas which are under the influence of MQM. He termed it a conspiracy against MQM. 
He said that MQM has started protest demonstrations over this controversial Local Government Ordinance across Sindh. He said that MQM would stage a protest demonstration at the confluence of Sindh Assembly building and Sindh High Court on Sunday at 2 p.m.
He expressed these views at press conference at Sindh Assembly Building. On this occasion MQM’s Rabita Committee members Haider Abbas Rizvi, Amin-ul-Haq, Wasay Jalil, Qasim Raza, Ashfaq Manghi, Yousuf Shahwani, Gulfaraz Khan Khattak, Aslam Afridi, MQM’s Parliamentary  leader Sardar Ahmed were also present.
Mr. Sabzwari said that that two controversial amendments had been made in the Sindh Local Government Act. He added that it was strange that two days had been given to count six hundred votes. 
Mr. Sabswari said that PPP was making controversial moves to bring in a Jiyala Mayor in Karachi.  PPP’s leaders have revealed their intention. 
“MQM wants to tell Sindh Government that people have risen up against the injustices. If you have a majority it does not mean you should adopt a behavior to make laws against public interest, “ Mr. Sabzwari said. 
He said, “These amendments are not only against MQM. In fact it is against all the parties who are PPP’s political rivals.”
“When you  do pre-poll rigging. You form union councils according to your desire. Chairman of these councils are powerless. How can one term these elections fair, “ Mr. Hussain asked the journalists.
Mr. Sabzwari said that MQM had serious reservations over the amendments. He added that these reservations were not political but people’s reservations. 
“Sindh Government’s Local Government Ordinance is contrary to the article 140-A of the constitution. We demand that article 140-A should be implemented.  We must not show political expediency, “ Mr. Sabzwari demanded.
“MQM is not an extremist organization. The party is ready to discuss the issue with reasoning. No one is accepting MQM’s point of views on Local Government System, delimitation of constituencies and targeted operation. MQM has remitted the matter to courts. We are not protesting for personal gains, it is related to the public interested issues, “ Mr. Sabswari said.
‘Where are those people who had called the Sindh Local Government Act 2012 a plan to divide Sindh. Mayor of Karachi will be from the people who get genuine mandate from the people. Not the people with fake mandate, “ Mr. Sabzwari said.
Mr. Sabzwari said, “ MQM has challenged the ordinance in the court. MQM expects justice from the court. “
He toured around the place after the press briefing to see where stage would be held for the protest demonstration.

5/22/2018 10:09:25 PM