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Labourers demo approves 16-point workers’ welfare-oriented resolutions

Labourers demo approves 16-point workers’ welfare-oriented resolutions
 Posted on: 12/19/2013
A 16-point resolution was approved with an absolute majority at a huge labourers’ demonstration held under the aegis of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Labour Division in front of Karachi Press Club on Thursday against Sindh government’s Local Government (Amended) Ordinance and its anti-labour policies.
Through the resolutions moved by MQM Labour Division’s In-charge Kazim Raza, the mammoth gathering of the labourers and their CBA unions, belonging to both government and semi-government organizations, demanded that the Sindh Local Government Ordinance-2013 which amounted to usurpation of rights of local government institutions be withdrawn at once.
The other resolutions are as follows:
2) Sindh government’s `unjust’ and `uncalled for’ control on local government institutions, particularly, KMC, KDA and KWSB’s financial and administrative resources must come to end without any delay.
3) Immediately revoke the decision of transferring KDA’s Master Plan to Sindh government.
4) Withdraw at once the transfers of Sindh Kutchi Abadi’s employees of Karachi to the interior of Sindh.
5) Bring an end to the step-motherly treatment being meted out to the employees of Sindh Building Control Authority by its top management on ethnic basis.
6) Restore SBCA’s old status as Karachi Building Control Authority.
7) Reinstate all contractual employees of Port Qasim Authority and regularize their services under the PQA rules.
8) Ensure 100 per cent registration of employees vis-à-vis their social security and old-age benefits in all government and semi-government organizations.
9) Ensure timely payment of salaries and other arrears to the employees of local government institutions.
10) All labourers belonging to Christian community must be paid their salaries before Christmas.
11) Ensure timely payment of salaries and other dues to employees of Pakistan Steels and Pakistan Machine Tool Factory.
12) Free provision of medical facilities to the families of working class and educational facilities to their children.
13) Regularise the services of all those employees who have been serving their respective organisations for the last five years.
14) Labourers’ minimum wages must be fixed at Rs 20,000.
15) Provision of job to a member of family in case of an accidental death of their bread-earners.
16) Ensure prompt payment of pension and other dues to all labourers prior to their retirement.

7/19/2018 5:48:37 PM