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MQM terms 3rd Amendment in LG Ordinance as Black Law

MQM terms 3rd Amendment in LG Ordinance as Black Law
 Posted on: 12/16/2013
Syed Sardar Ahmed of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) presided over a meeting today and protested with the parliamentary of MQM against the third amendment in Sindh local government act by the government of Sindh. The meeting passed a resolution to run a movement across Sindh to stage the strongest protest against this amendment. It was also decided that MQM will protests on every possible forum including the floor of the house. It was decided that MQM will file a petition against this amendment and will not let Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to take any such illegal decision merely on the basis of their majority. After the meeting the parliamentary committee marched from Sindh assembly to the press club building to record their protest and were holding play cards that read different statements and slogans against the third amendment in local government act by the government of Sindh. The participants of the protests were also chanting slogans against the government of Sindh.
Talking to the media Syed Sardar Ahmed said that this ordinance by the government of Sindh is absolutely against the wish and will of the people and also illegal and unconstitutional and we consider it a black law. This ordinance has granted absolute power to delimitation officers and they can give the status of metropolitan to any village. Metropolitan Corporation has kept the limit of unit committee from 10,000 to 50,000 and that meansthat areas with 15,000 population would also be considered a union committee and this has been implemented since Sep 16, 2013. This is injustice with the people and with such tactics PPP is trying to influence the upcoming local government elections. He appealed chief election commissioner and high court should take notice of this gerrymandering before elections.
Speaking to the media person on this occasion Khawaja Izhar Ul Hassan of MQM said that the government of Sindh is interceding with the law and creating the divide in urban and rural Sindh by issuing such ordinance. This step would eventually be considered a divide if the government did not take all the political parties of Sindh on board. In such environment, people will raise the questions on the results of local government polls and would also not trust election commission. We will not support any such ordinance that severely undermines the privilege of the members of provincial assembly and that pertains to change the results of elections on the wish of a few influential people. The government of Sindh is taking the steps that have not been taken by even a dictator and this democracy is the worst example of dictatorship. He said that MQM rejects and protests against this ordinance and a black law by the government of Sindh that is diving Sindh in two parts and we will continue to protest against this. He further said that PPP has the mandate only from rural Sindh and not from the urban areas and the government wants all other political parties to boycott the local government elections and we condemn and reject this black law. The members of Sindh assembly during the protest outside press club said that they will continue to protest unless this ordinance is taken back by the government.

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