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MQM leaders pay rich tributes to martyrs of the party

MQM leaders pay rich tributes to martyrs of the party
 Posted on: 12/9/2013
 Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Deputy Convener, Dr Khalid MaqboolSiddiqui, said here on Monday that though efforts were afoot to keep the party away from its righteous path through intimidation and threats, entire nation stood wholeheartedly behind its chief Altaf Husain.
“Mr Altaf Hussain is himself a movement and everyone knows that the founder of the party is the MQM,” he added.
He and other leaders of MQM including Coordination Committee’s members Haider Abbas Rizvi, Amir Khan, AslamAfridi, AshfaqMangi were speaking at Azizabad’s Jinnah ground held in connection with the party’s Youm-e-Shuhada observed with reverence and due solemnity. Haq Parast MPA MsNaheed Begum, who is also sister of MQM’s Sukkur Zone’s former In-charge,NooruddinJehangirShaheed, also spoke on the occasion.
Paying glowing tributes to the martyrs of MQM, Dr Siddiqui said that wise nations always remembered their martyrs and remained indebted to them whereas the dead nations consisted of the people having no conscience.
He said thatdespite oppression and suppression against us we have not been told about our faults and as a result of which thousands of our youths have been killed and it seemed as if our major crime was, perhaps, to create this country and now our efforts to save the country were being considered as our major crime.
Describing the `92 operation as the biggest operation against the MQM, he said thatthose who made an attempt to keep Mr Hussain away from his party workers through intimidation and threats could not succeed in their nefarious designs as despite martyrdom of thousands of party workers such forcesfailed in causing any dent in the relations between the workers and their leader Mr Hussain.
Coordination Committee Member Haider Abbas Rizvisaid that it was true that there was suffocation in our city and the atmosphere, MQM was still the party of millions of people.
He said that we have been sacrificing our blood since the creation of Pakistan and our forefathers had made immense sacrifices of their lives and properties while struggling for an independent country. “Although `Youm-e-Shuhada’ be observed for 200,000 people who sacrificed the lives for the country, there is none who can even remember them,” he deplored.
“Is there is any precedent in world where over 200,000 people sacrificed their lives for a mission, a motive and a country,” Mr Rizvi asked, saying that although it was the biggest-ever migration in the world’s history, history remains silent over my question and those who sacrificed their lives were not remembered.
He said that the curse of missing persons had begun with the MQM and the heinous conspiracy was still continuing against the party. Altaf Hussain is our beloved leader and if any attempt was made to harm our leader we will not hesitate in sacrificing of our lives, he added.
Paying rich tributes to martyrs of MQM, Coordination Committee Member Amir Khan said that “we salute bereaved families of all the martyrs as their children while extending their full support to Altaf Hussain sacrificed their lives for the just cause.
He said that MQM could neither function minus Altaf Hussain nor anything would be acceptable to us without Mr Hussain.
Vowing that MQM would achieve its destination, Mr Khan said that all those who were conspiring against MQM would not succeed in their nefarious designs.
Coordination Committee Member AslamAfridi while paying tributes to martyrs of MQM said that the message of Altaf Hussain’s righteous movement had spread in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KhyberPakhtunkhwa.
Another Member of MQM Coordination Committee, AshfaqMangi, said that the sacrifices rendered by Altaf Hussain’s brother and nephew and thousands of MQM workers would not go in vain.
He said that all those who sacrificed their lives for the movement were an asset of the MQM.
Earlier, Haq Parast MPA MsNaheed Begum who is sister of sister of MQM Sukkur Zone’s former in-charge, NooruddinJehangir, said that all the martyrs of MQM had nurtured the movement with their blood and, as such, it was imperative upon all of us to emulate their example so as to promote Altaf Hussain’s ideology and philosophy. 

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