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MQM does not want the division of Sindh: Raza Haroon

MQM does not want the division of Sindh: Raza Haroon
 Posted on: 5/28/2012

We live in a province that is like our house: Amin Faheem
Karachi: 28th May 2012
A high-powered delegation of the Pakistan People’s Party visited the MQM Head Office Nine Zero on Monday and held talks with the Co-ordination Committee. The PPP delegation comprised of the subcommittee formed by President Asif Ali Zardari for establishing peace in Karachi. The delegation was led by senior PPP leader Mr Amin Faheem. Other members of the delegation included Mr Khursheed Shah, Mr Naveed Qamar and Mr Maula Bux Chandio.

Members of the Co-ordination Committee Mr Waseem Aftab, Mr Raza Haroon, Dr Sagheer Ahmed and Mr Salim Tajik represented the MQM side. Provincial Minister Adil Siddiqui was also present on the occasion.

The meeting continued in a cordial atmosphere, and the situation in Karachi was discussed in detail. Stern action against criminal elements was greatly emphasized during the meeting for bringing peace and order in Karachi.

The Co-ordination Committee conveyed its serious concerns to the PPP delegation on the fact that the criminal elements were not being arrested. The committee also condemned the incidents of terrorism in Karachi. Issues relating to the general public and the problems being faced were also discussed in the meeting.

The Co-ordination Committee stated, in no uncertain terms, that the MQM did not want the division of Sindh. It said that the MQM viewed it as a conspiracy against Sindh. It said that the position of Mr Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of the MQM, has always been very clear on this issue. The MQM wanted to promote peace and harmony among the permanent residents of Sindh.

The PPP delegation held out firm assurance to solve issues being faced by the public in Karachi, including all of Sindh.

Later on talking to the media persons Mr Haroon welcomed the PPP delegation at Nine Zero and said that the PPP delegation had come to Nine Zero for holding talks on the current situation in the country, particularly the situation in Karachi. He said that candid discussion was done on all the issues, and views were exchanged on different issues.

Mr Haroon said that the MQM had talked about public issues and the situation emerging in Karachi out of bloodshed, lawlessness and mayhem in Karachi.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Faheem said that we lived on a province that was our home. He said that we wanted to maintain a good living environment in our home. He said that there was an ambiguity on the division of Sindh that has been dispelled by the categorical position of the MQM. The MQM does not want the division of Sindh and various statements of Mr Altaf Hussain are also on record over this issue.

Mr Faheem said that there unsolved issues that need to be looked into. He recognized that it was the responsibility of the provincial government to resolve the issues.

PPP leader Mr Khursheed Shah also spoke on the occasion. He said that the MQM had sternly opposed the division of Sindh suggested by Mr Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of the Punjab.

Mr Shah said that the PPP wanted peace and there was no issue that could not be solved.

In response to a question by a journalist Mr Shah said that the government would take action against the criminals. He said that some arrests had also been made. He said that the culprits involved in Qazi Ahmed incident would be brought to book

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