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MQM Mass Contact Campaign to provide Awareness to the people of the Metropolis

MQM Mass Contact Campaign to provide Awareness to the people of the Metropolis
 Posted on: 12/5/2013
The Mass Contact Campaign of the Muttahida Quami Movement. In this connection the members of the Central Coordination Committee, Haq Parast Parliamentarians, members of Senate and the office bearers of different wings of party are holding corner meetings to apprise the people regarding the ongoing conspiracies against MQM, internal & external threats being faced by the country, sectarianism and the wave of terrorism affecting the country.
An important corner meeting in this connection took place under the outskirt Committee of Gulshan-e-Hadeed Bin Qasim Town which was attended by the dignitaries of the area as well as the people of the different community in a large number.
The MQM member of Central Coordination Committee Nisar Ahmed Panhwar, MPA Asfhaque Mangi, , in charge  of the outskirt Committee  Farukh Azam, Joint In charge Aslam Balouch, member Syed Moin Ud din and others and updated the people about the latest situation of the country and conveyed special message of the Founder and Leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain.
While addressing to the participants of the mass contact campaign Nisar Ahmed Panhwar and Ashfaq Mangi said that even today MQM is being subjected to conspiracies and different political and religious parties are trying to steal the vote bank of MQM through different cheap tactics.
They said that the recent Gerrymandering act in the delimitation process of the local constituencies have exposed the mal intentions of the state machineries to push MQM to the wall with complete force.
They said that MQM is a patriotic political party whose Founder and Leader Mr Hussain always teach to remain calm and peaceful under all sort of circumstances. They further said that few so called political and religious parties are trying to gain political mileage in the garb of drone attacks.   They are just staging protest dramas of sit in and demonstrations to further destabilize the economy of the country. They strongly condemned these religious and political parties who are pronouncing the terrorist Talibans as ‘Martyrs” who are involved in brutal killings of thousands of innocent Pakistanis, Personals of Armed & law enforcement agencies and attacking mosques, Shrines and Imam Bargahas in the country.  They posed the question that what kind of patriotism are they preaching about?
The in charge of outskirt organizing Committee Farukh Azam said that brutal terrorists can never be sincere to the Ummat-e-Muslimah and we can get rid of them by having unity among ourselves.

7/17/2018 3:06:13 AM