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MQM women wing arranges HIV-aids awareness program on International aids day

MQM women wing arranges HIV-aids awareness program on International aids day
 Posted on: 12/1/2013
In-charge of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) women wing and member of national assembly form MQM KishwerZehra has said that in Pakistan the most of number of HIV positive patients are found in Sindh and that is a deep concern and an alarming situation. She said that we can combat and prevent this disease by creating awareness especially among women on different forums and levels by government, political parties, religious parties and civil society. She was addressing to women in Khursheed Memorial Hall on the occasion of international aids day that is observed across the world including Pakistan on Dec 1.   She said in her address that MQM’s founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has always been of the opinion that women should prove their skills and worth in all walks of life including education and health and must be aware of all health related issues. Every disease can be cured, if we keep proper awareness about it.
As per government stats, Sindh hosts the most number of HIV positive patients and to stop it to take further roots, we need to arrange more awareness programs and make sure that people are aware of this. Dr. Nighat Shakeel on this occasion said that to observe world aids day and to create awareness among masses in our responsibility. We should be courteous to the HIV positive patients and that Aids does not necessarily is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) but through other ways as well. People who are on drugs and utilize used syringe are very vulnerable to aids and are also the prime reason for the spread of this disease. She said that women should always be cautious when having nose and ear piercing and should go for a new needle and similarly, during vaccination of kids always insist on a new syringe. This disease is not contagious and does not get transferred while shaking hand, hugging and sharing a meal with HIV positive patient.
Discussing about the sign and symptoms of aids she said that the patient loses wait very quickly and has fever for longer duration along with cough and diarrhea with big red spots on the skin and they might get converted into cancer. If any person male or female observes these signs, they should contact a doctor and get it tested. She said that government should take support from NGOs and arrange programs for screening to create awareness about HIV and aids. Women participants of the program were given educating pamphlets and were asked to distribute the same in their respective sectors to create awareness. The participants and MQM’s MPA Naila Latif thanked Dr. Nighat Shakeel for giving her time for the cause.

7/19/2018 5:54:37 PM