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MQM Coordination Committee Press Conference

MQM Coordination Committee Press Conference
 Posted on: 11/28/2013
The devolution of power and resources to local bodies guarantees prosperity and development in a democratic country.  It is deplored that PPP’s government in Sindh is introducing a form of local Government System which is contrary to the Article 140-A of the constitution. They have kept all the political, financial and administrator powers to themselves. In short, they are introducing a powerless local bodies system. The  new system has been made in violation of the constitution. 
The PPP’s Government in Sindh got the bill quickly in the assembly because of their numerical strength in the assembly. They did this despite MQM’s reservations and concerns. Their action shows they have not respect for mandate of the opposition. We think it will cause damage to the democratic process in Sindh. 
MQM has always made efforts to bring the gulf between Urban and Rural Sindh.  It has emerged as the second largest party of Sindh in Pakistan. It is deplorable that the Sindh Government  actions will increase the gulf between the rural and urban people. It will damage the interests of the Sindh.
The Sindh Government has formulated two different formulas for the Local Government Elections in Urban and Rural areas.  Their action is contrary to the constitution and elections laws. District Councils were established in rural areas and District Committees were formed in Urban Areas. Now they have abolished district councils in Karachi, which is in violation of the constitution.  It is a discriminatory action and shows their bias towards Karachi.
You have seen that Sindh Government has introduced different laws and system for rural and urban areas. It is deplorable they are doing these through ordinances.  In this situation, opposition has the rights protest.
We have seen how Sindh government violated laws when they conducted delimitation process in Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Tando Adam and other cities of Sindh. Their action is highly condemnable and cause of concern.  They have formed union committees in controversial way.  They have formed a union committee where population is 1201, which shows that Sindh government is doing things in undemocratic and deceitful ways. We see these actions an attempt to snatch seats from MQM.  MQM rejects their illegal and undemocratic actions and announces that we would register our complaint and protest in peaceful and democratic ways. 
The Sindh government is trying to usurp the rights of Urban people by their measures.  Their measures also display their bias attitude towards Urban people. They way Sindh government is trying to make changes in union committees it appears that they are trying to snatch MQM’s mandate.
The way Sindh Government is issuing gazette notification to implement their delimitation plan to get desired election results. 
MQM will frustrate their plan. They will not be able to win Local Government Elections unconstitutional and undemocratic ways.  MQM rejects their unconstitutional actions in this regards and register their protests in peaceful, constitutional and democratic ways. 
We appeal to the rulers to take notice of the illegal actions of the Sindh. They have violated the constitution   and election in the delimitation process so they can win elections and declare the actions and measures of the Sindh Government null and void. 
We demand that Union Committees in Malir should be made on the basis of combined population of rural and urban areas on the basis of 1988 census. The committee should not me more than 22. 
Qaseemabad should be allowed to remain with Hyderabad because of its historical importance. In the same way delimitation carried out in Sukkar has not been done in proper way.  They have added areas with the corporation in unnatural way.  We demand for the restoration of Tando Adam and Shahdadpur municipal committees.

7/19/2018 10:42:09 AM