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MQM terms delimitation work `an act of gerrymandering’, Sindh government using all the unconstitutional tactics to manipulate upcoming local body’s elections

 Posted on: 11/28/2013
The members of the Central Coordination Committee of the Muttahidda Quami Movement Dr Farooq Sattar, Ahmed Saleem Siddiqi and Khalid Sultan has said that the illegal and cheap resorts adopted by the Sindh government regarding local body’s elections are against the spirit of democracy and Sindh government has even violated the constitution in order to maintain their monopoly in the upcoming local bodies elections.
They were expressing these views during their mass contact campaign at Shah Faisal colony, Orangi town and New Karachi yesterday while addressing different gathering and talking to the area’s members from business community.
On this occasion Haq Parast Parliamentarians Mehboob Alam, Saifuddin Khalid, Mohammed Hussain, Nishat Zia, Irtiza Farooqi and members of KTC were also present on the occasion.
The members of the Central Coordination Committee during their address termed the delimitation work as an act of gerrymandering to discriminate between rural & urban areas   by the Sindh government to manipulate the results of upcoming local body’s elections, which is quite deplorable and shows the feudalistic mentality of the Sindh government to usurp the powers and resources of the people
The Committee said that the country is passing through the most crucial juncture of the history but few political and religious parties instead of learning from their past mistakes are still busy in yielding their vested interests without taking into account the interest of the nation.   
They said that on the one hand people are being killed by the terrorists in the suicidal bomb attacks and on the other hand fake protest demonstration are being held against the drone attacks to mislead the nation, and instead of uniting the nation to develop unanimous approach against terrorism they are following ant state policy to destabilize & disintegrate the country.
The members of the Central Coordination Committee said that MQM is a “Movement” and thus emphasize on having unanimous approach on national interests instead of showing differences against the state and the efforts of the Founder and Leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain to create unity, integrity and harmony in the country are being lauded everyone in the country in the country.

5/22/2018 5:14:43 AM