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Families of MQM’s missing persons seek SC’s attention

 Posted on: 11/27/2013
During the hearing of “Karachi Law & Order Implementation Case” in Supreme Court’s (SC) Karachi registry, the family members of missing people from Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) had a sit-in protest outside SC and appealed innocent workers and supporters are being arrested and many of them are missing in the name of operation. They said that the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are allegedly involved in in-humane torture that has claimed the lives of workers and supporters. They said that rangers are openly denying any arrest despite the eyewitness’s accounts ant that is a traumatic experience for the grieved families.
The sit-in protest was attended by a lot of people including the families of missing persons of MQM and other notables in the protest were Gul Faraz Khan Khatak and legislators from both provincial and national assemblies like Shaikh Salah Uddin, Sufyan Yousuf and Khalid Bin Wilayat. On this occasion Salah Uddin said that MQM’s workers and supports are missing for last many years and adequate measures must be taken for their recovery. Anyone who is arrested must be produced before court and must be prosecuted as per the law. They called on the SC to push LEAs for the recovery of missing persons. The protestors were displaying play cards, banners, national flags and photos of missing persons.

7/15/2018 8:02:23 PM