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Altaf Hussain exposes the hypocrisy of orthodox right wing

 Posted on: 11/27/2013
In light of recent statement of founder and leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Mr. Altaf Hussain, there is series of ongoing public gathering by MQM and as part of the process Karachi Muzafati Committee held a number of corner meetings in Ibrahim Haideri area of Karachi the other day. The meetings were held in Illyas goth, Shahid Khalid colony, Khwasti Barohi goth and Umer Balouch goth. These meetings were attended by the locals belonging to different cast and creed and specially represented by elders and youngsters. People unanimously supported the statement of Mr. Hussain and express abhorrence against the Taliban factor and showed commitment to get rid of this menace.
MQM’s legislators from Sindh assembly Ashfaq Mangi and Gulfaraz Khatak, in-charge KMOC Farrukh Azam, joint-in-charge Aslam Balouch and members Syed Ahmed Raza Zaide, Mohammad Ali Kalimati Balouch and Altaf Hussain Mengal addressed the gatherings and said that people are being made fool and are being exploited for political gains by the mere stunts of protests against drone strikes. The said that the parties who are creating this chaos over Hungu drone attack that targeted Afghan nationals, had their lips sealed over Ancholi blast that claimed lives of innocent Pakistanis including kids . They only have their vested interests tied up with dollars.
They said that people of Pakistan are becoming well-aware of these facts and term these policies of so called political leaders of right wing orthodox parties as sheer hypocrisy because on one hand they are receiving aid from the US and on the other hand considering the terrorists - who are targeted in drone attacks – as martyrs. They said that it should be made clear that why the FIR was lodge against “unknown people” in place of America? They further said that the statement of Mr. Hussain regarding drone attacks is so clear and has exposed the hypocrisy of so called leaders.

7/23/2018 5:04:30 AM