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MQM’s Rabita Committee expresses condemnation of the arrest of MQM Surjani Town’s sector in-charge Islam-ul-Haque

 Posted on: 11/26/2013
MQM’s Rabita Committee has expressed condemnation of the arrest of MQM Surjani Town’s sector in-charge Islam-ul-Haque.  In a joint statement they said that since the inception of operation against criminals in Karachi hundreds of MQM’s office bearers and workers had been arrested. They added that they did not  have any information about their eight workers including three members of PIB Sector. They said they did not know which agency had arrested them and where they were being kept.
Rabita Committee members said MQM wanted peace and stability in Karachi that’s why they had not resorted to demonstrations on the arrests of their workers.  
They said that MQM was making efforts for the sectarian harmony in the country and cooperating with the government, administration and law enforcement agencies in this regard. They deplored that instead of appreciating MQM’s efforts and cooperation, MQM’s workers and office bearer were being arrested and false cases were being registered against them. They added that in the past week scores of MQM workers and office bearers had  been arrested from different parts of the city including Surjani Town’s Sector in-charge, and we did know anything about them. 
The Rabita Committee has demanded that arrested workers including Islam-ul Haque should be released and the missing workers should be recovered immediately. They demanded that that law enforcement agencies should stop arresting innocent workers.

7/21/2018 4:08:09 PM