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The federal government can not neither stop the drone attacks nor can it ask the forces to shoot it down: Altaf Hussain

The federal government can not neither stop the drone attacks nor can it ask the forces to shoot it down: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 11/23/2013

Mr. Hussain said that he wanted to present facts to the nation about the recent drone attack and registration of FIR against unknown assailants. He added that according to the details of the FIR lodged in the Tal Police station five people who died in the recent attack were Afghans and their names were Abdul Rehman, Noor Ullah, Hameed Ullah, Ahmed Jan and Gul Marjan. These people have crossed the border a day ago before the attack.

Mr. Hussain deplored that not a single Pakistani died in the drone. However, Taliban supporters in Pakistan have telling us that Pakistani children died in the drone attack. He added that the federal government could not neither stop the drone attacks nor could it ask the forces to shoot it down.

Mr. Hussain said, “On the one hand the government asks Taliban supporters to stage protests against the drone attacks while on the other hand it begs American aid.”

He deplored that Tehreek-e-Insaf's government in the Khyber Pakhtunkhaw had also begged for American aid.

He condemned the tragic incident which occurred in Ancholi and demanded that federal and provincial governments should deliver justice to victims of the brutal attack.

He said if the provincial, federal governments; armed forces and paramilitary forces failed to stop the attacks of Taliban on Sindh and other parts of Pakistan then they would be justified to start a Jihad against them in accordance with the International and Islamic laws.

Mr. Hussain said, “The majority of anchor persons of TV channels are not willing to present facts to people about Taliban because of fear and intimidation.”

“Some anchors present distorted facts to people for personal gains and some of them justify killings carried out by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and give false reasons in support of their views, “  deplored Mr. Hussain. He added that these people were committing high treason against the country by their actions.

Mr. Hussain appealed to people to judge the reports and justifications presented by these anchors in the light of their wisdom and understanding and decide who were telling the truth and protect themselves and their families and friends  from their malicious propaganda.

6/19/2018 3:10:59 PM