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Farooq Sattar asks if Ancholi tragedy is to retaliate Hangu drone attack

 Posted on: 11/23/2013
A member of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee and the parliamentary party leader in the National Assembly, Dr Mohammad Farooq Sattar, said here on said that a hue and cry was being made against drone strikes across the country and asked whether the Ancholi tragedy was in retaliation of Hangu drone attacks.
“Sectarian hatred was being fanned under a deep-rooted conspiracy merely to push the Karachi and the whole country towards the hell of sectarianism and, as such, it was up to the citizens of country that what measures they take to meet such challenges,” he added. 
He was speaking to newsmen at Azizabad’s Lal Qila ground where MQM had organised Quran Khawani for the martyrs of Ancholi tragedy in connection with its protest day. MQM Coordination Committee members Ms Nasreen Jalil and Amin-ul-Haq were also present on the occasion.
He said that although conspiracies were afoot to incite sectarian riots in the country, followers of all the sects by demonstrating unity have proved that the country belonged to all sects and religions.
Dr Sattar said that it was our firm belief that masses of the country belonging to all sects would once again thwart the fresh conspiracies with their unflinching and exemplary unity so as to foil the nefarious designs of the conspirators.
He said that all the tragedies that took place at Ancholi, Rawalpindi, Abbas Town, Hazara Town, were designed to shatter peace and tranquility in Pakistan, besides putting the country’s survival at stake.
He said that since the people of the country have understood the conspiracy aimed at creating sectarian hatred, they would bury all such conspiracies with their unity and solidarity.
He said that it was beyond one’s comprehension that why those people who are making hue and cry over drone attacks were not protesting over the martyrs of Ancholi tragedy, among them was a hardworking employee of Geo News, Salik Jarrery, although they were also Pakistani and patriots.
Accusing the elements of misleading the nation and playing with the emotions of Pakistanis over the killings in drone strikes, he said that the terrorists being helpless before United States, were taking revenge from patriotic people of the country.
He said that on the one hand, sit-ins against the NATO supply were being staged and, on the other, the SHO of Tall had registered an FIR against unidentified people and there is no mention of drone attack.
He demanded of the government to legislate a solid anti-terrorist policy so as eliminate all the enemies from the country.
At the outset, Dr Sattar hoped that all the people of the country would reject and boycott all those people who did not describe people losing their lives in terrorist attacks as martyrs but give the status of martyrs to the brute killers. Ends…    

7/17/2018 12:29:48 PM