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You are a sense of encouragement for people, Mr. Husssain: Allama Talib Jauheri

You are a sense of encouragement for people, Mr. Husssain: Allama Talib Jauheri
 Posted on: 11/20/2013
The founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that the Rawalpindi incident is a part of conspiracy against Pakistan and the unity of Muslim Ummah. He has urged people belonging to all schools of thoughts to understand the conspiracy. He appealed to them for patience, tolerance and restraint and demonstrate unity. He expressed these views while talking to prominent scholar Allama Talib Jauheri on the phone.
Mr. Hussain said that it was unfortunate that some scholars and people were not taking this conspiracy seriously and they were not pay attention to the conspiracies of enemies of Islam and Pakistan. These people have conspired together to create chaos in the Islamic world. That's why they have been instigating Shia-Sunni riots in Iraq, Syria, Bahrain and other parts of the Islamic world. They are trying to do the same thing in Pakistan.
Taking the opportunity of his interaction with Allama Talib Jauheri Mr. Hussain made an appeal to people belonging to all schools of thoughts to stop fighting among themselves as they all believe in one Allah, one Prophet and one Quran. He asked them not to kill one another and destroy one another' properties. He urged them to follow their own beliefs and not to criticize beliefs or ideologies of other people. He urged them not do anything that might help enemies of Ummah. 
Mr. Hussain said that Allah says in the Quran that  there is no compulsion in religion. He added that the Quran says that everyone should follow his own ideology or religion. He said that when the Prophet (SAW) made an agreement with the Jews in Medina he followed the same principle. He said that enemies of Pakistan and Islam are prepared to attack us and urged people to understand their conspiracies. They should not respond to provocations. He urged them not share news without confirmation. 
Mr. Hussain has appealed to parties which have called for a strike on Friday in Rawalpindi to ensure that their strike remain peaceful. They should make sure that properties and people are not attacked during the strike. 
Allama Talib Jauheri praised and appreciated the efforts of Mr. Hussain in the wake of the tragic incident of Rawalpindi. He added that the way Mr. Hussain foiled the attempts of enemies and guided the people and the country to diffuse tension and worked for sectarian harmony at the critical and sensitive moment was praiseworthy. He said to Mr. Hussain  that you are a sense of encouragement for people. He also prayed for his  good health and long life He also praised the efforts of Governor Ebad in this regard.

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