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Rabita Committee members meet prominent Shia scholar

Rabita Committee members meet prominent Shia scholar
 Posted on: 11/20/2013
A delegation of MQM's Rabita Committee met with the prominent Shia scholar Allama Talib Johri at his residence and conveyed a message to him from Mr. Altaf Hussain.  They termed the tragic incident of Rawalpindi a heinous conspiracy to ignite sectarian violence in the country and apprised him of the efforts made by Mr. Hussain after the incident for sectarian harmony and restoration of peace and order. 
The delegation consisted of Rabita Committee members Amir Khan, Adil Khan, Saif Yar Khan, MQM's Ulema Commitee in-charge Javed Ahmed and Izhar Ahmed Khan.
Talking to Allama Talib Johri the Rabita Committee said that at a time when the country was passing through a critical period the sectarian riot in Rawalpindi was an attempt to destabilize the country. The forces behind this tragic incident do not want peace, love and prosperity in the country. 
They said that the need of peace between different sects today is far greater than ever before. They added that it was the responsibility of scholars of sects, Mashaiks, zakeerins and people to come forward and foil the attempts of our enemies. 
They said they praised  Sunni, Shia scholars and people who responded to the call of Mr. Hussain for the promotion of peace and sectarian harmony. 
The Rabita Committee members have made an appeal to Sunni-Shia scholars and scholars of other schools of thought, mashaiks and Zakeerins to take practical measures for sectarian harmony and foil the plans of our enemies with unity.
Allama Johri said that it was Mr. Hussain who issued the statement of condemnation on the tragic incident first and exposed the conspiracy. He praised the efforts of Mr. Hussain for sectarian harmony and assured his support for him. He also prayed for his health and long life.

7/16/2018 7:23:57 PM