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MQM Central Coordination Committee Members Adil Khan and Saleem Ahmed Siddiqui along with a delegation met renowned religious scholars Allama Zameer Akhter Naqvi and Haneef Tayyab

 Posted on: 11/12/2013
The Muttahida Quami Movement is in touched with  organizations  of different sects , religious scholars , Mashaikhs and Ulema belonging to different school of thoughts to promote brotherhood and  to maintain sectarian harmony during the month of Moharram.
In this connection the members of the Central Coordination Committee Ahmed Saleem Siddiqi and Adil Khan along with a delegation of MQM met renowned religious scholar Allama Zameer Akhter Naqvi and famous religious scholar Haji Hanif Tayyab at their residences separately.
The delegation of MQM comprised of Haq Parast Parliamentarians Abdur Rasheed Godil, Abdul Haseeb Anwar Raza and the incharge of MQM Ulema Committee Javed Ahmed and other members of Ulema Committee.
The members of the Coordination Committee while talking to religious leaders said that anti state elements and miscreants become active during the month of Moharram as a part of an organized conspiracy to instigate sectarian-riots to sabotage the sectarian unity among Muslim Ulema.
The members of Central Coordination Committee said the Founder and Leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain has always taught the lesson of brotherhood and he wants to eliminate hatred among different religious sects. Mr Hussain since inception is striving for the establishment of sectarian harmony and religious tolerance in the country.
The religious scholars during their meeting with MQM delegation said it is obligatory for all the members of Muslim Ummah to respect the sanctity of the month of Moharram and the elements involved in sabotaging sectarian harmony are actually the open enemies of the country.
The Committee’s members appealed to Ulemas to give the message of sectarian harmony in their sermons and desist from such talks which the conspirators could use for exploiting the situation and to keep vigilant eye on the suspicious elements in their surroundings and not to get provoked over any heinous conspiracy so as to foil the conspiracy of instigating sectarian riots through their unity and patience.
The Ulema lauded the efforts of Mr Hussain for the maintaining peace and sectarian harmony and prayed for the health and long life of Mr Hussain.

7/18/2018 1:27:08 PM