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Sindh chapter’s PML-N joint secretary & others join MQM

Sindh chapter’s PML-N joint secretary & others join MQM
 Posted on: 11/9/2013
Joint secretary of Sindh chapter’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Malik Shahnawaz Awan and prominent figures of Mughal and Gujjar communities -- Shabbir Mughal and Musharraf Gujjar --, have joined Muttahida Qaumi Movement.
The decision to join the MQM was announced by them when a representative delegation of Mughal and Gujjar communities met the MQM Coordination Committee’s Member, Haider Abbas Rizvi and Haq Parast MPA, Rauf Siddiqui, at Azizabad’s Khursheed Begum on Friday. Other members of the delegation who also announced their decision of joining MQM included Afzal Mughal, Muneer Arain, Saeed Mayo, Malik Suhail Awan, Malik Shahbaz Awan, Malik Liaquat Awan, Nek Muhammad and Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf Arain.
Speaking on the occasion, Malik Shahnawaz Awan, said that were joining the MQM as they were highly impressed with the philosophy and ideology of Altaf Hussain and they firmly believed that only MQM could steer the country out of crisis.
He said that he and his colleagues had joined MQM so that they could wholeheartedly participate in its struggle for the rights of poor people in the country.
The Coordination Committee Member, Haider Abbas Rizvi and MPA Rauf Siddiqui, on behalf of Altaf Hussain, felicitated Malik Shahnawaz Awan and others for joining the MQM.
Later, Mr Awan and his colleagues visited different departments and wings of the MQM where they were briefed about the party’s organizational works. Ends…  

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