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It is collective responsibility of all parties to help save country: Altaf Hussain

It is collective responsibility of all parties to help save country: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 10/29/2013
Cautioning that Pakistan was passing through a critical juncture, Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain said here on Tuesday that it was collective responsibility of all parties to help save the country from both the internal and external threats.
 “There is a danger to Pakistan’s survival and solidarity and hence it was responsibility of all parties to play their role in this regard,” he added.
The MQM chief was speaking over phone to a well-attended gathering of Ulema held at Azizabad’s Lal Qila ground in connection with Muharram. A large number of renowned Ulema, Mufti, Mashaikh, religious scholars belonging to different sects and members of MQM’s Coordination Committee, elected representatives, Ulema Committee, were also present on the occasion.
Delivering his speech on the occasion, Mr Hussain said that Shia-Sunni and others believed in monism, Holy Quran and on the last Prophet (PBUH) and hence there were no differences over basic principles of Islam among the Ulema of different schools of thoughts. “It doesn’t matter who offer prayers five minutes earlier or late and as such we should see the actual motive behind saying prayers, instead of arguing over the issue merely because the decision of accepting our prayers rests with the Almighty Allah and not with us,” he opined.
He said that when Imams of Deobandi, Barelvi, Fiqah-i-Jafria and Ahle Hadith never ever taught us to criticize or make mockery of any sect, then why had permitted us to issue addicts against the followers of other sects, declare them as `Kafir’ and of attacking their places of worships.
Deploring over the religious fanaticism that had led to attacks on mosques, Imambarghas and Mazars and bomb blasts during Taraweeh, Eid and Juma congregations, the MQM chief said that the aim of such inhuman and barbaric acts was to weaken the Muslims’ unity and to strengthen the enemies of Islam.
Mr Hussain on this occasion posed a question whether anybody had asked Quaid-i-Azam which sect would rule the country and who was Sunni, Shia and Ismaili when Pakistan was being carved out on the world’s map.
Expressing his concern over the internal and external threats being faced by the country, he said that talk shows being aired on different TV channels were indulging in unnecessary discussions such as whether the Prime Minister during his Unites States visit had raised the issues of drones and that of Afia Siddiqui’s release, besides deliberating uponr the sensitive issue of appointment of new Chief of Army Staff.
Regarding dialogue with Taliban, Mr Hussain said that all parties had given their consent that the government should hold negotiations with the Taliban and it was up to the government to chalk out its agenda in this regard with the consent of all parties. The agenda of the dialogue should be placed before Taliban keeping in view that the writ of state was respected at any cost, he added.
At the outset, the MQM chief paid glowing tributes to Ulema for their tireless efforts in ensuring religious tolerance and sectarian harmony in the country.

7/17/2018 6:30:18 PM