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Politicians might be corrupt but not traitors - Corrupt generals ruined Pakistan in 1971, now they are destroying the rest of Pakistan : Altaf Hussain

Politicians might be corrupt but not traitors - Corrupt generals ruined Pakistan in 1971, now they are destroying the rest of Pakistan : Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 3/16/2021
Politicians might be corrupt but not traitors - Corrupt generals ruined Pakistan in 1971, now they are destroying the rest of Pakistan : Altaf Hussain

LONDON. March 16, 2021:
Muttahida Quami Movement’s (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain said they are not the politicians but the Generals of Pakistani Military who destroyed the country. They were the planners of all mischief done to East Pakistan which was changed into an independent Bangladesh in 1971. These ghoulish Generals are still leaving nothing good behind and are ransacking the remnants of the country. It is unavoidable that the people of Pakistan should rise for Pakistan and against these traitors or else the remaining Pakistan would soon be wiped out from the canvass. He expressed these views in a live broadcast address which he made in order to taking into confidence his loyalists on the cancellation of commemorations of the 37th Foundation Day at the Mukkah Chowk in Azizabad near his residence in Karachi which the ghoulish military establishment has placed under concealment since past four years.

Elaborating on the political system of the country, he said that Pakistani politicians can be thieves and corrupt but they cannot be traitors. Only the Generals of Pakistani Military are definite traitors. These Generals claim to be at the height of patriotism till they are in Military service but soon after they get retired, they leave the country and settle abroad and spend their lavish life there on islands with the money they robbed during their service. These Generals press common men to proceed for Jihad but with their Hippocratic minds, they send their children to Europe for study.He asked journalists, intellectuals and anchors how many Pakistani army chiefs have been serving the country after retirement.
Mr. Hussain said that the Pakistani Military abducts and executes journalists on raising their voices against them. They implicate politicians in fraudulent cases of corruption. They treat every politician as traitors including Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. However, they don’t tell the nation as how a complete island in Australia was purchased by a retired Chief of Pakistani Military, General Kiyani. Where is General Karamat?  What is General Raheel Sharif doing in Saudi Arabia?  Today, General Raheel Sharif is the head of the Saudi coalition forces that are attacking and massacring the people of Yemen.  Is Yemen a land of infidels? In the same way, General Ziaul Haq led an army in Jordan and massacred Palestinian Muslims, not Israelis.He said that these Pakistani Military Generals did not shed a single drop of blood in conceiving and actualizing the foundation of Pakistan but today they have become the masters. On December 16, 1971, these ghoulish Generals neither refrained from exploiting the resources of the East Pakistan nor did they tender their unconditional apologies to the people for their wrongdoings.  If not eradicated, this country could break up and take the form of independent Balochistan, independent Pakhtunistan, independent Sindh and independent Punjab.  Indian Punjab might merge into East Punjab become a new and united Punjab but India may not allow it. These Military Generals claim that the MQM chief cursed Pakistan with “Down with Pakistan” slogan. The fact is that the curse was only directed towards these corrupt Military Generals for their exploitation of resources across the country.

Mr. Hussain asked whether the PPP leaders did not use the slogan "Pakistan deserves to be vanished" on the murder of slain PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto.  Didn't her spouse Asif Ali Zardari speak loud that he would use extreme force to destroy the Pakistani Military if they would not quit witch-hunting the PPP leaders. Conversely, Pakhtun leader Mahmood Khan Achakzai had said on the floor of the Parliament that he would not love and respect Pakistan in which his Pakhtun would be enslaved and a Pakhtun would be considered a traitor if he would respect Pakistan. PMLN leader Mian Javed Lateef said in a TV show that "if anything happens to Maryam Nawaz Sharif, we will not raise the slogan for longevity of Pakistan.  No treason case has been registered against Mian Lateef, his party office has not been sealed, but the Pakistani Military has targeted him alone.

Mr. Hussain, while giving details about the contacts made with some personalities in recent days, said that two and a half months ago, a colleague told him that an old man wanted to talk to him then he talked per his habit of not refusing any.The old man told that Pakistani Military and he (Hussain) should take steps for reducing distance and matters to be settled by mutual understanding. He (Hussain) told the old man that in order to end the misunderstandings and distances, he had made his statement on Aug 22, 2016 to the army and all the powerful personalities.“I wrote letters to General Rahil Sharif and General Qamar Jawaid Bajwa apologising to them which was against my thinking.  The elders asked me who I would like to talk to if I had to deal with matters. I replied that I would talk either to Army Chief General Qamar Jawaid Bajwa or to ISI Chief General Faiz Hameed.  After that he went to Islamabad many times.  After which he suggested that I may celebrate the Foundation Day of the MQM on March 18, gather at Mukka Chowk, which was banned for past four years.”

Mr. Hussain said that he had then placed the details of the talk before the Central Coordination Committee and took them into confidence as a matter of routine. The Coordination Committee and other members and affiliates suggested that if the Military wanted us to go ahead for the Foundation Day commemoration then issues should be settled first amicably.“My time-tested comrades know very well that I did not hide anything from my comrades, I do not trade behind the scenes. I rallied in support of the army, stood up and saluted the army. Millions of my people stood up and saluted the army.”Then the old man told us on behalf of the ‘third party’ to celebrate the 37th Foundation Day of the MQM at Mukka Chowk on March 18 this month. The old man called again and conveyed a message that a brigadier of the army asked Altaf Bhai to issue an audio message in the name of the workers and the people and appeal to them to gather at Mukka Chowk.
“I recorded an audio message in spite of my illness, which intensified the emotions of the workers and the people.  Our workers and sympathisers were happy that a third party contacted us again. Suddenly, a message was conveyed to us that the spy agency of Pakistan had received information that there was a danger of a clash on March 18 so the program should not be held on March 18.” Keeping this situation in mind, Foundation Day program was cancelled.

Mr. Altaf Hussain said that the workers of the movement, mothers, sisters, elders and children were happy to celebrate the Foundation Day commemorations were preparing for it. He told his companions, mothers, sisters, elders and children not to be disappointed at all. Now March 18 will be commemorated in every house. Time will change and one day we will celebrate the foundation day of the MQM openly.Hussain said that we tried to improve relations with the Army in the hope that they may have learned from the past and respect the mandate of the MQM and his mission that he (Hussain) wants an end to the outdated feudal system in Pakistan. He wants a genuine democracy in a country where the people are the real rulers, where no citizen is discriminated on the basis of colour, religion or creed and all are treated equally.  The sacrifices made by him (Hussain) for this mission and purpose cannot be matched by any leader of the country. He had said many times that he wanted to truly serve the country sincerity. There were conspiracies to remove him from the political canvass; there were attempts to kill him in London. He did not kneel.He said that even today he can honestly say that if anyone can keep Pakistan together, only Altaf Hussain can do this wonder.He said that he has the potential to convince Pakhtuns, Seraikis, Sindhis, to stay united for Pakistan. Mr. Hussain said he just wants justice system in the country and equal rights for all people. He greeted all the workers and sympathizers on the 37th Foundation Day of the MQM.

6/12/2021 11:39:21 PM