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"I am responsibly saying that my life is in grave danger", Altaf Hussain

 Posted on: 5/1/2020 1
"I am responsibly saying that my life is in grave danger", Altaf Hussain

LONDON. MAY 1, 2020: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder and leader Altaf Hussain has said that his life could be lost at any time as a result of informing the workers and the people about the truth.
He said that his life was in grave danger and his murder could be given any color, but it will be a premeditated murder.
He said this while addressing the leaders of UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Australia and other overseas units by telephone last night.
In his address, Hussain said that when the outbreak of COVID-19 started spreading, every news related to it was listened to with attention, as to learn about how many people were infected with Coronavirus in how many countries, how many people died, what steps are being taken in which country, safety measures, social distancing, personal hygiene, etc; so much has been said in this regard that gradually the yearning to know about the coronavirus was no longer there. Now the news for us is that a vaccine is being developed in a certain country. Vaccines have been developed in the country and vaccines are being tested in such and such a country.  There was so much news about this that people lost interest.
He said that China and the United States are blaming each other for the spread of COVID-19. China emerged as the Republic of China on October 1, 1949, while the United States became independent two and a half hundred years ago. The question then arises as to how China has surpassed the United States in nuclear sector and economics. This clearly means that the development and prosperity of any country requires organised, hardworking and sincere leadership which believes in the development of the country and the nation instead of its own caste.
He said that there is no leader in Pakistan except him who was born from the poor and middle class and despite not having political background formed an organised movement whose discipline is recognised by the world.
"Hussain is the only leader of Pakistan who made MQM the third largest party in the country without any help from the establishment", he said.
This is an open fact but the question is how much does the elite in Pakistan accept this truth?  Despite all the positive steps, what is the general impression about MQM and Altaf Hussain?, he questioned.
He said that it is human psychology that what a person hears over and over again, after the change of words, the same thing is repeated over and over again, then man starts believing instead of confirming it.
When negative propaganda is spread about an individual or a group and this process is continued, people do not confirm the allegation but believe it, he explained.
He said, for example, if you go to the house of any Punjabi, talk to their children and ask them about MQM and Altaf Hussain, they will call them terrorists, charge them with extortion and sacked corpses. Although they might not even know about MQM and Altaf Hussain. If you talk to Punjabi children born in the US, UK or other western countries, they will know that they have been taught only one word that MQM is a terrorist group. And Altaf Hussain is a terrorist leader. They will not even know the reasons for the formation of MQM, nor will they know the aims and objectives of MQM, nor will they know the political struggle of Altaf Hussain, the rule of poor and middle class, abolishment of hereditary politics. Thoughts on the  religious tolerance, sectarian harmony and the establishment of a corruption-free society. But it ​​has been creating a negative image of MQM Altaf Hussain in their minds because of the constant negative propaganda.
He informed that the world knows the fact that neither he nor his siblings took any position(govt or political) in the struggle of MQM.
He said that the poor young people who joined the MQM became billionaires and began to reward their own families, but he strengthened others instead of his own family, appointing someone as a federal and provincial minister, a member of the Senate, National or Provincial Assembly, Mayor and deputy Mayor.  He did not take a single penny for bringing to thes positions and today the situation is that he has to ask his colleagues for a dollar.
He said that he was arrested three times in Pakistan and subjected to the worst mental and physical torture, various temptations and when no tactic could stop him from his struggle, the Establishment and ISI was bent upon killing him, so on extreme pressure from his colleagues he had to come to London but he didn't deviate from his ideology and thought and he continued to inform the people about the truth which continues to this day.
Hussain said that in the previous sessions, he had informed his colleagues about the outbreak of Coronavirus.
He continued to say, in the same way, he gave millions of informative and thought-provoking lectures, but unfortunately those lectures could not be given a book form on which he created his own channel on YouTube and asked you to subscribe to this channel as much as possible so that he could pass on the knowledge through this channel to people who are interested in his philosophical, historical, economic, social and religious lectures. They won’t just listen to those lectures but also write books on it because he wanted to give to the whole world in his life the secrets that no one has been able to reveal yet.
He said that he had announced his YouTube channel on April 27 and requested his colleagues to send VHS cassettes containing his historical lectures to the International Secretariat by making a CD of it if anyone has it. Life and death are in the hands of Allah Almighty.
Hussain said, "I have said many times that I do not want to use words that might embarrass the global establishment. I have said many things. As a result, after the announcement of my YouTube channel, the national and international establishment became very confused."
On Thursday, a robbery took place at the MQM International Secretariat in London and someone broke down the main door and took important videos, sensitive papers and files with him so that the case against him in London could be proved true, added Hussain.
He said that the case against him in London is false and he will really speak the truth even on the gallows trap. He said that he wanted to bring one thing to the notice of all that his life could be lost at any time and his intentional murder would be declared as  accidental or personal and hostility or any other color might be given. He said if he is killed, remember him in prayers and work according to his ideology wherever you are.

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