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 Posted on: 7/31/2019

Coordination Committee Convener Dr Nadeem Ehsan chaired the meeting. Deputy Convener Qasim Ali Raza and members attended
The meeting slammed so-called, fake and imposed representatives by the ghoulish Pakistan Military and ISI for neglecting the masses during urban flooding, electrocution cases and paralysis of life during heavy showers
The meeting deplored days when Altaf Hussain never allowed MNAs. MPAs, Senators to stay at home during times of heavy rains, natural calamities
The meeting asks the people to analyse as how their silence has wreaked havoc on them

LONDON. Jul 31, 2019: An exigent meeting of MQM’s Coordination Committee (CC) was held here in London at the international secretariat of the Movement. Convener of the CC, Dr Nadeem Ehsan had chaired it. CC Deputy Convener Qasim Ali Raza and members attended the meeting, which deliberated upon unlawful embargo on Movement’s founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain, closure of Movement’s headquarters Nine Zero and Hussain’s residence and political activities by the ghoulish Pakistan Military and its spy agency, the ISI.
The meeting reviewed in detail the losses of lives and property of the people of the port city during heavy rains and urban flooding, which was a result of bad governance at the levels of provincial government and city’s metropolitan corporation. The meeting also reviewed major and prolonged power outages in the city, overflowing and flooding of the rain and sewage drains and especially the electrocution of the civilians which was solely owing to plunder and ineligibility of the city’s sole power distribution company, the K- Electric. They equally starved of potable water due to power outages.
The meeting was of the view that the so-called representatives who have been imposed on the people do not have any intention to serve the voters and the people of the city. Mohajir dominated cities in Sindh like Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and others were totally left at the mercy of the nature. The train of ministers and Mayor of the city are living a lavish life and they are exploiting the nerves of the people.
The grave situation in cities of the province of Sindh are now recalling those days when Hussain took care of them diligently and even during natural calamities, he spent days and nights without taking a bit of nap and had placed his workers at the service of the affected masses. He was the man who never allowed his MNAs, MPAs, Ministers and senators, Local bodies representatives and Mayor and Deputy Mayor to stay at homes but always pushed them at the relief works.
The meeting was in shock to review the details about loss of precious lives due to electrocution, sufferings of the people due to urban flooding and complete paralysis of life. Unfortunately, the incumbent Mayor of the city and his subordinates, and those who claim of doing politics for and against the Mohajirs also kept enjoying the rains from the balconies of their luxurious bungalows. It was once when urban flooding was feared in Hyderabad due to flawed dewatering pumps, Hussain was the man alone who ordered his men in Karachi to immediately transport dewatering pumps to relieve the people of Hyderabad of the acute devastation and he personally monitored the entire activity though he was thousands of miles away.
The meeting deplored those days when under the dynamic command of Hussain, none of his party designees, MNAs, MPAs, or else could dare to stay at home during such time of hardship but the fake and imposed representatives were seen nowhere during heavy showers in Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities.
The meeting asked the Mohajirs and people of the port city that they should ponder as why they have been left alone and how their silence has wreaked havoc on them. Those so-called and fake representatives are day and night busy in minting money from kickbacks and loot. They are the corrupt Pakistan Military Generals, who have imposed the fraud, fake and so-called representatives through manipulation and the people have been forced to stay silent. The meeting expressed complete solidarity with the families that lost their kids due to electrocution and prayed for the courage and patience of those families.
The meeting demanded the Chief Minister of the province to release compensation money immediately to the aggrieved families and take proper and fool proof steps for the resolution of power outages and water crisis.

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