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MQM is the only party that can pull the nation out of political and financial crisis: Altaf Hussain

MQM is the only party that can pull the nation out of political and financial crisis: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 10/17/2013
The founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that MQM is the only party that can find the solutions to escalating political and financial crisis faced by the country.  It can develop viable and constructive solutions for the internal and external challenges faced by Pakistan.  MQM can deal with foreign powers for the resolution of security issues faced by Pakistan and take courageous decisions on foreign policy matters.
Mr. Hussain expressed these views on Thursday while talking to volunteers at the Central  Hides collection camp set up by the Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation in Sukker. On this occasion a large number of MQM workers and supporters were present. 
Mr. Hussain deplored that Pakistan was created 66 years ago. During this period we witnessed many military and civilian governments. Parties who came to power during 66 years presented their manifestos and made lofty claims and promises to develop Pakistan.  We have been witnessing a decline in the value of our country's currency. Our economic condition has been gradually deteriorating. Now Pakistan is facing external and internal problems. 
Mr. Hussain deplored that It had been observed that parties that offer good slogans about democracy and freedom did not confront pressing foreign policy issues. These parties push the countries into quagmire of problems and difficulties. Parties that can make bold decisions on national issues can steer Pakistan out of quagmire of problems. MQM is the only party that pulls the country out of political and financial crisis. 
Mr. Hussain said that MQM’s message was spreading across the country. People of all walks of lives , schools of thoughts and ethnicities were joining MQM. A day will come when all the charges and accusations leveled at MQM will prove false. Truth will prevail and people will join our struggle for freedom and justice. 
He thanked Sukkurs elders, mothers, sisters and workers for their love and devotion. He said it gave great pleasure to see that this devotion was increasing day by day.
Mr. Hussain said that people who have come to Sukkur from other parties of countries were joining MQM because of its appealing ideology, which proves that it has emerged the party of oppressed people of Pakistan and doing struggle for their rights.

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