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MQM’s Haq Parast members of National Assembly reject the new power tariff hike

MQM’s Haq Parast members of National Assembly reject the new power tariff hike
 Posted on: 10/12/2013
MQM’s Haq Parast members of National Assembly have rejected the new power tariff hike. They termed it a cruel blow to poor people.  They said that the government had played a cruel joke on people by presenting the new power tariff. The new tariff rates were a modified version of power tariff rates which were announced on 30th September.
In a statement they said, “People are already in problems because of high inflation and leading a life of misery and destitution. The increase in power tariff will further increase their woes because it will increase inflation and prices of everything. “
They said that increase of prices of petroleum products on the instructions of international lending bodies was a cruelty. They termed it an anti-people decision. They added that people would not accept the power tariff.  They said the government’s decision to increase power tariff was highly condemnable and should be condemned as much as possible. 
Rabita Committee said that we had expected that the new government should had taken measures to pay our international loans, end terrorism, poverty  and unemployment in the country and put the country on the path to prosperity. They should have provided relief and subsidies to poor people. 
They said that MQM would stage protest demonstrations against  anti-people policies and register their protests in peaceful ways. They made a demand to the government to take back the power hike tariff and provide relief to people.

7/21/2018 11:45:40 PM