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MQM’s National and Provincial assembly members demanded recovery of their three workers kidnapped by secret agencies

MQM’s National and Provincial assembly members demanded recovery of their three workers kidnapped by secret agencies
 Posted on: 10/11/2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s members of national assembly and provincial assembly demanded that MQM’s three workers who had been kidnapped by officials of secret agencies should be recovered immediately. Arif Hussain Nizami, Muhammad Naeem and Saad-Ullah were kidnapped from a mechanic shop in the presence of hundreds of people. 
They expressed concerned for their safety.  They made a demand to the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef, Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Chief Minister of Sindh for the recovery of these workers.
Haq Parast MNA Asif Hasnain, MNA Suman Jafri and MPA Sumeta Syed said these words at a crowded press conference in Karachi. Family members of kidnapped workers were also present there too.
Haq Parast Member of the national assembly Asif Hasnain deplored that secret agencies had been kidnapping MQM’s workers for a long time. The fresh kidnappings indicate they are still committing this illegal act. He said MQM had faced this kind of situation in 1992. Twenty eight workers who were kidnapped in 90s were still missing. They kidnapped 5 MQM workers in February 2013. We still don’t know where they are. 
He lamented that sectarian violence was going on in the city. Now they are targeting police officers. Yesterday, they brutally killed three MQM workers. Today, terrorists killed a former Haq Parast councilor.
He said law and order situation in the city has collapsed.  Criminals are roaming about in the city freely. Our innocent workers are being killed daily.  Secret agencies are kidnapping our workers instead of taking action against the criminals who are committing heinous crimes. This situation is highly condemnable and should be condemned as much as possible. 
Mr. Hasnain said we had called for action against criminals and extortionists operating in the city. However, the operation has been directed against us instead of killers and extortionists. We are using media to highlight the incident of kidnappings after denial from the secret agencies. We are fearful about their lives.. 
He deplored that the targeted operation had failed to restore peace in the city. This has raised questions about the operation. He said operation should be targeted against the criminals instead of political workers to gain political mileage. He demanded that kidnapped workers should be produced in the court if there were incriminating evidence against them. They must stop executing MQM’s worker this way. 
The wives of the kidnapped workers were also present at the presence conference.  They said there were no doubt our husbands were workers of MQM. However, they are political workers. They asked if taking part in political activities was a crime in Pakistan. Is it justified to kidnap and execute political workers this way? They said their kids were asking them about their fathers. How should we satisfy them? They demanded that kidnapping should be stopped and kidnapped people should be recovered immediately.

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