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The officer who tipped Americans about Bin Laden's presence at Abbottabad- The Telegraph

The officer who tipped Americans about Bin Laden's presence at Abbottabad- The Telegraph
 Posted on: 5/29/2018
Former DG-ISI Gen. Durrani, has written a book  ” The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace”, co-authored by Ex-RAW Chief AS Dulat. 

(The idea of Former DG-ISI co-authoring a book with former RAW Chief, itself looks quite suspicious but no one would dare to call a former DG-ISI an Indian agent)  

In this book Gen. Durrani has revealed the true mindset of military leadership by providing details of how they cooperated with Americans on Bin Laden issue and sold Bin Laden for 50 million dollars.

According to Gen. Durrani; Army Chief Gen. Kiyani met the Americans on USS Carl Vinson in Arabian sea and finalized the deal, to hand over Bin Laden in exchange of 50 million Dollars. 

Former DG-ISI also writes; that it was an officer of ISI who informed Americans about presence of Bin Laden in Abbottabad and in return, he demanded the prize money on Bin Laden's head, along with US immigration and permanent residence in USA. 

Although Gen. Durrani hasn't mentioned the name of that officer, but for the record, we are mentioning it here. The officer who tipped Americans about Bin Laden's presence at Abbottabad was Brigadier Usman Khalid, who is now a British citizen. 

Gen Durrani also believes that the ISI officer who tipped Americans, apart from recieving the prize money, also recieved a share from 50 million dollars that were given to Gen. Kiyani. He also revealed that Bin Laden was handed alive, not dead as claimed by Americans. 

According to Gen. Durrani, the whole nation has been kept in dark about the background of this incident, while military's top brass got rich after this deal. This clearly shows how corrupt the military leadership has been and where their loyalties are. 

Please note; that this is not our point of view rather it has been written by a former ISI General, therefore if Army lovers want to issue fatwa of treason or anti-Pakistan, kindly issue it for Gen. Durrani. 

It is worth mentioning that Gen. Durrani himself has been accused of using ISI in political activities and destabilizing Benazir Bhutto's government, by former Army chief Gen. Aslam Baig. 

In addition to that, we are sharing an interview of former DG-ISI Gen. Hameed Gul who speaks about Musharraf and says; Army Chief Gen. Musharraf was an American and Israeli agent. 

It is also worth mentioning that Gen. Hameed Gul himself waa a Taliban sympathizer and he worked with several banned outfits during his lifetime, including LeT, JuD and many more. 

Read carefully what Gen. Assad Durrani has written about Gen. Kiyani, Listen carefully to what Hameed Gul says about Gen. Musharraf and then think about it: 

If Gen. Kiyani was serving Americans and getting dollars, if Gen. Musharraf was serving Americans and israelis, if ISI chiefs were destabilizing democratically elected governments and harbouring extremist elements since 90s, how could they all and their subordinates be considered loyal to Pakistan?

5/17/2021 1:41:12 AM