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Mr Sabzwari slams the robbery of college student’s van

Mr Sabzwari slams the robbery of college student’s van
 Posted on: 10/8/2013
The Muttahida Quami Movement opposition leader in  Sindh Assembly Mr Faisal Sabzwari has strongly condemned the robbery in North Nazimabad in student’s van by the criminal elements and demanded of the Sindh government to take stern notice of such subversive activities with students community in their college and universities vans &  buses. 
Mr Sabzwari said that law and order situation in Karachi is very serious, police and law enforcement agencies have become totally failed to curb the increasing crime rate and after industrialists, businessmen, shopkeepers and common folks now even the students are not being spared which is a clear proof of the fact that local administration and the government is just helpless before the crime mafia.
He said that since last one month KU, NED university points  and now college student’s van  are robbed by the armed personals, which is enough for a well aware person to gauge the performance of the law enforcement agencies and their seriousness and sincerity to control such incidents in the city,
Mr Sabzwari claimed that due to the inefficiency of the police and law enforcement agencies to take effective actions against ongoing crimes the criminal elements have become quite courageous to carry out their heinous activities, which is quite deplorable.
The police and law enforcement agencies are just busy in political victimization of the innocent people instead of adopting a firm resolve to tackle the subversive activities of crime and terrorism.
Mr Sabzwari has demanded of Governor Sindh Ishrat Ul Ibad and Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to immediately apprehend the elements involved in the shameful act of looting student’s vans and depriving them of their valuables and educational documents and formulate a positive and effective strategy to nab criminal elements.

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