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Paramilitary Rangers kidnap MQM leader Akram Rajput

Paramilitary Rangers kidnap MQM leader Akram Rajput
 Posted on: 1/14/2018

Paramilitary Rangers kidnap MQM leader Akram Rajput

MQM appeals international rights organisation for immediate action to protect him from being extrajudicially assassinated by security force

LONDON. January 14, 2018: The dissolved Coordination Committee of the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) has slammed the security forces for unlawfully arresting Akram Rajput, ex-member of the dissolved Coordination Committee from his residence in Korangi in Karachi on mid Sunday night.

Earlier, a young MQM activist Zair Arain was arrested from his residence in Federal B Area without lawful charge in the wee hour on Saturday.

The ex-member Rajput has been enforced to disappear after his unlawful arrest. The security forces have also extrajudicially assassinated senior leader of the Movement Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif.

The dissolved Coordination Committee members have appealed to the international human rights organisations to take immediate notice and initiate prompt action for the safety of the unlawfully arrested and forcefully disappeared MQM workers and leaders.

The members expressed premonitions that the security forces would also kill Mr. Rajput extrajudicially and hence it calls for immediate response from the international rights organisations.

5/13/2021 3:39:37 AM