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 Posted on: 1/5/2018 1



“Mohajirs created {Pakistan. They are a reality to be accepted and respected – Unlawful military operation against MQM, unlawful ban on MQM founder and leader Altaf Hussain should be ended now – Patronisation of criminal gangs of PSP, PIB should now be ended – Video Briefing of MQM leaders chaired by Qasim Ali Raza”


LONDON. January 5, 2018: Repressive actions against Mohajir Nation, suppressing their voice and usurpation of their rights started soon after the creation of Pakistan. They have faced number of physical, financial and economical genocidal crackdowns since the creation of Pakistan. Sadly, the forces of repression have always been alleging the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) as responsible for the sufferings of the Mohajir Nation but this is not the truth but white lie. In fact, Mohajirs created Pakistan as they fought for it but this reality has always been ignored and even denied. Mohajirs want equal rights as citizen of Pakistan, share in all aspects of life including education, employment and likewise. Injustices and atrocities on Mohajirs have now to be ended and the ongoing genocidal military operation against Mohajir Nation and their sole representative party the MQM should be ended at once. Unlawful and undemocratic ban on the leader of the Movement MR. Altaf Hussain has to be ended now and the MQM should not be barred from taking care of Mohajir Nation from political and welfare aspects.

Leaders of the Movement expressed these views in a recently conducted video briefing held at the International Secretariat here in London. MQM International Secretariat In-charge Mr. Qasim Ali Raza and dissolved Coordination Committee ex-members Dr Nadeem Ehsan, Mr. Mustafa Azizabadi, Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, member national assembly of Pakistan (MNA) Mr. Sufyan Yousuf and Mr. Shahid Raza also addressed.

The video briefing on the issue of injustices and atrocities on Mohajir Nation in Pakistan also carried digital evidences, media clips and news clippings, pictures and statistical modulations. It also cast light in detail on unconstitutional and unlawful actions and military operations against Mohajir Nation.

Mr. Raza while referring to decisions taken during marathon meetings of the leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain with MQM leaders, international organisers that was recently released stated that the Movement’s organizational set-up has already been dissolved in order to revamp it and hence each and every worker of the Movement is the warrior of the Movement, Mr. Hussain’s representative and hence all are required to execute their obligations with complete honesty, dedication and confidence for the sake of Mohajir Nation.

He slammed the military establishment for the removal of symbolic Mukka (Punch) from the historical Mukka Chowk (Roundabout) in close vicinity of residence of Mr. Hussain in Karachi. That Mukka was symbolic to the Punch of slain Mohajir Prime Minister Mr. Khan Liaquat Ali Khan and the military establishment of Pakistan was frightened to that symbolic Mukka because the military establishment was the killer of him. Earlier, the historical identity of Mukka Chowk was changed in connivance with the military touts the PIB Gang led by Dr Farooq Sattar and finally the symbol of Mukka was removed.

In addition, the most corrupt and ethnically biased provincial government of the PPP in Sindh changed all academic institutions attributed to the leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain, which the Movement rejected and condemned and categorically asserted that such draconian steps would never be accepted or tolerated. Such ethnically biased and discriminatory steps and actions are solely to suppress the Mohajir Nation, which population in Sindh counts to 50 million plus.

He informed that the leader of the Movement has never been held guilty of any heinous crime but as far as PPP founder was concerned, Pakistan’s apex court had declared him a murderer and was hanged to death for that heinous crime he had committed.

Changing the identity of the academic institutions attributed to the leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain would also raise a demand for the removal of the identity of all academic institutions attributed to Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto.

PPP is turning a blind eye from the repercussions as the Mohajirs might sooner react in fury over the ethnic biases of the PPP’s feudal mindset.

He warned the forces of repression to learn from the history as their hatred and discriminatory actions against Mohajir Nation would be counterproductive. The love of Mohajirs for their beloved leader of the Movement can never be removed from minds and hearts of them.

Addressing Pakistani’s military chief General Qamar Jawaid Bajwah, Mr. Raza said that Pakistan’s internal integrity is at risk, which calls for national harmony under which innocent Balouch, Sindhi and tribal folks and Mohajir Nation should be given their just equal rights but they are still being crushed with military force. This would also be devastating and counterproductive.

He appealed to Pakistan’s military chief to accept the MQM, stop discriminatory actions, unlock its offices and let it engage in politics and works of welfare. Immediately lift the undemocratic and unlawful ban from the leader of the Movement Mr. Hussain. Stop patronizing the criminals and mafias and stop imposing fake leadership on Mohajirs. Return the MQM workers to home, which have been kidnapped and enforced to disappear and stop using force to crush the Movement.

Dr Ehsan in his address informed about the malicious agenda of the two criminal factions the PSP and the PIB Gang being imposed on Mohajirs.

In reaction to PSP kingpin Mustafa Kamal’s statements, he called him a traitor and a characterless man, who was reared by the leader of the Movement, trained to be a Parliamentarian, Mayor of the port city but he proved so cunning and thankless that he betrayed the leader of the Movement, stabbed in his back and deceived the Mohajirs by conspiring against Mohajirs at the behest of the military establishment for petty financial benefits, perks and privileges. As dictated by the military establishment, he talks about eliminating the Movement, the sole Movement for the rights of the Mohajirs in Pakistan that have been suppressed since the creation of the country despite the fact that they are the creators of Pakistan.

The PSP kingpin is facilitating the military establishment and the paramilitary forces for arbitrary arrests of Mohajir youth and MQM workers. The military establishment and its paramilitary and intelligence forces are torturing MQM workers to change their loyalty and join the criminals’ PSP gang. The PSP kingpin tried to impress the Mohajirs through a public gathering on Liaquatabad Flyover in which non-Mohajirs were brought under greed of money but still the drama was flopped. Mohajir had not only rejected him but showed to him what in actual he looks like. Mohajirs know only one leader and that is only Mr. Hussain.

On the other, the kingpin of another gang of criminals the PIB gang is partnering with the military establishment and is leaving no stone unturned and getting Mohajir martyrs families a traitor, which MQM and entire Mohajir Nation vehemently condemns in all terms and expressions. The PIB gang has forgotten that they were the Mohajir martyrs, who laid their lives for the Movement and helped these thankless and characterless kingpins of criminals’ gangs to become Parliamentarians.

Mr. Ahmed in his address rejected the allegations leveled on MQM for unrest in the port city and said that it is all crookedness and cunningness of the forces of repression to blackmail Mohajir Nation and their sole representative party, the MQM. The fact is that the feuds of the country and the military junta had started usurping rights of Mohajirs, pushing them to wall, depriving them of their meritorious claims in all walks of life, soon after Mohajirs had created Pakistan.

He referred to history and informed that in 1965, military dictator Ayub Khan had contested general elections against Fatima Jinnah, who was sister of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mohajirs worked day and night for her. This love of Mohajirs for Ms. Jinnah had irked him and he sent armed packs of hooligans from North West Frontier Province (Now Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa), who used arms and ammunition against peaceful Mohajirs so that they should be punished for opposing military dictator. As a result, hundreds of innocent Mohajirs were killed. Curfew was then imposed in the port city of Karachi.

While referring to news published in The Times of England, Dr Ehsan said that the newspaper carried details of massacre of Mohajirs in Karachi by the armed hooligans led by son of military dictator Gohar Ayub Khan. The number of deaths had reached 30 on January 6 and 8, 1965. However, military o any other force ignored that massacre and avoided legal action against the perpetrators who were non-Mohajirs. Gohar Ayub Khan was Captain in Pakistan’s military and was declared a killer.

He also referred to ethnic riots in Karachi that were provoked by PPP’s founder Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto in 1972 as he was intending to forcefully impose Sindhi dialect on Mohajirs, who resisted against his typical ethnic and feudal mindset.

Daily The Times also carried details on that discriminatory move of Bhutto, which led to violence on July 12, 1972 in which 20 Mohajirs were killed and curfew was imposed in Karachi to prevent more killings. In 1977, when Bhutto used his entire tactic to engineer elections against PNA, security and law enforcement forces had indiscriminately showered bullets on Mohajirs leaving many Mohajirs as dead. The Times also carried details about those killings on Mar 23, 1977.

He said those incidents of killings of Mohajirs date back to an era when neither the leader of the Movement was in politics nor the Movement had existed.

Speaking on the occasion, Coordination Committee ex-member Mustafa Azizabadi said that Pakistani media, TV anchors, political and religious parties’ leaders talk much of the 14 killings at the Model Town Lahore but they never take those killings of Mohajirs in hundreds in their shows and statements.

He referred to MQM’s mammoth public gathering held at Hyderabad on Oct 31, 1986 in which terrorists silenced dozens of MQM activists to death at Sohrab Goth and Market Chowk in Hyderabad. MQM activists were moving to attend the gathering in Hyderabad.

On Dec 14, 1986, hundreds of armed terrorists held Mohajir locality, Aligarh-Qasba in West of Karachi and killed hundreds of innocent Mohajirs, raped Mohajir girls and women and even they killed minors and set their houses on fire. The death toll was 300. They continued to killings for many hours. Sadly, nobody mention this tragedy because this pertains to Mohajirs.

On May 26 and 27, 1990 during government of Benazir Bhutto, crackdown was launched at Pukka Qila (Concrete Fort) in Hyderabad. Prior to the launch of that crackdown, all utility services were suspended, houses were attacked and men, women and children were killed one after another. The killers of Hyderabad carnage have been acquitted.

He said that MQM was saddened on killings of 14 citizens at Model Town and condemned all such incidents. Even the leader of the Movement demanded for investigation son those killings at Model Town, Lahore but when it comes to the killings, usurpation of rights and repression on Mohajirs, no political or religious party leader, TV anchors speak on those killings. The killers of Mohajirs of all aforementioned carnages are set free. Mohajirs ask whether their lives is unworthy of justice, whether they are not citizens of Pakistan. Mohajirs should now be careful of the bias and discriminatory mindset of Pakistan’s political or religious parties’ leaders and TV anchors.

Speaking on the occasion, MNA Mr. Yousuf said that though the security forces and Police are making tall claims about complete restoration of peace, tranquility and harmony in the port city of Karachi, the ground reality is totally negating their claims. Kidnappings for ransom, short-term kidnappings for ransom, extortion, bank heists, robberies, narcotics peddling, occupation of land by mafias and killings are more rampant in the city as compared to past days. Trade and economic activities have been badly affected and ruined. Unfortunately, the paramilitary Rangers are patronizing the gangs of criminals, extortionists and kidnappers for money and when the traders staged protest they were the Rangers, which charged the traders and arrested them. The traders then approached their house of representation, Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry for help.

MNA Mr. Yousuf on that point of video briefing presented crime graph as proof and appealed to international human rights organisations to send their delegations to Karachi and Hyderabad to take personal picture of the crimes and their patrons. The human rights organisations should also take notice of atrocities on Mohajir Nation, investigate it and raise their voices for the Mohajirs.

Coordination Committee ex-member Mr. Shahid Raza said that the security forces are kidnapping innocent Mohajir Youth and those kidnapped have been enforced to disappear under use of guns. The families are wandering in courts for justice and safe return of their sons and brothers kidnapped by the security forces. Thousands of Mohajirs are in jail without lawful charge and hundreds are missing after they were kidnapped by the security forces from their homes in the presence of people.

He deplored that state is using force against peaceful and innocent Mohajirs and their only crime is that they are demanding for just and equal rights. The atrocities on Mohajirs have to be ended now and their wounds should be remedied, their just problems should now be addressed and resolved.

He said that using force against any part of country’s population would always be counterproductive. The repercussions would be horrifying, which might be prevented by corrective measures at the state level.

He said that the leader of the Movement has for so many times offered for the dialogue to settle all issues, which was never welcomed and it is now up to the state to respond positively and stop crushing the MQM and Mohajir Nation.

The video briefing was concluded by paying rich tribute to the MQM martyrs for their unparallel sacrifices. The speakers of the video briefing also prayed for the longevity of life of the leader of the Movement, for victory against ongoing genocidal military operation, safe return of missing MQM workers and release of unlawfully detained activists

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