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Tauseef Ijaz Flays robbing of NED bus in Nazimabad

 Posted on: 10/5/2013
Karachi, 5 October 2013: The Secretary General of All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (APMSO) Tauseef Ijaz has strongly condemned the robbery incident on gun point by armed personals in the Point of NED Engineering University in Nazimabad near Bara Board.
In a statement he said that the terrorists involved in looting students want to deteriorate the law and order situation of the metropolis.
Last month the similar incident took place at Baacha Khan Chowk when unknown terrorists looted the KU bus point of the male and female students and misbehaved with the female students, but so far none of them has been arrested by the law enforcement agencies.
 It’s quite shameful that terrorists enters the students buses in the day light in the heart of the city and fled away so easily without having any kind of fear. Where are the Rangers and Police claiming to be carrying out targeted operations in the city?
This incident clearly mentions the fact that the incumbent Sindh government has totally failed to provide protection to the students beside a common man.
He said that on the one hand law enforcement agencies are making tall claims to restore peace in the city, but still there are many such areas in Karachi where terrorists are openly ruling with the patronage of the government and law enforcement agencies are deliberately avoiding to take any kind of action in such troubled areas, while on the other hand the criminals have been given free hand to rob students, businessmen, industrialists, shop owners, doctors and common citizens.
He demanded of the President of Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and provincial interior minister to immediately bring the perpetrators to the justice and take concrete action against the criminals who are carrying out subversive activities so that the protection could be provided to the students and their shaken confidence could be restored in law agencies.
Mr Ijaz also slammed the torture on the students and teachers by a so called religious organization in IBA and urged the concerned authorities for a stern action.  

7/17/2018 4:59:18 AM